Degree Programs

The Major

The bachelor of science degree in mathematics offers both breadth and depth in mathematical preparation appropriate for graduate study or work in a variety of fields. The requirements for the major in mathematics include both theoretical and applied courses. Students should plan with their advisors as they select courses appropriate to their interests and educational goals. The bachelor of science degree in mathematics leading to a Single-Subject Secondary Teaching Credential in mathematics conforms with the California State Department of Education guidelines for secondary teacher education.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Requirements

The Minor

A minor in mathematics consists of six courses:

MATH 121, 122, and 221;
At least one course from MATH 201, 204, 241, 311, 331, or 338;
Two additional courses from MATH 201 and above
Both MATH 201 and 204 may be counted toward the minor only with  departmental permission; at most, one of 208, 212, 231, ECON 202, ECON 400 or ECON 401  may be counted toward the minor



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