Student Achievement and Summer Research

Congrats to the 2021 Pi Day Winner - Katherine Kohls

2021 Pi Award Katherine Kohls420.JPG

Mathematics and Computer Science Competitions

In 2019, we had a team of students participate in the MCM/ICM (Math Contest in Modeling/Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling)

In 2018 our students, Max Auerbach, Julienne Smith, Shunxing (Oni) Zhang, Avi Sternlieb, Jean Baptiste Kwizera, Gaba Celaya, Miguel Mendez and Joseph Macias, all participated in the ACM ICM (International Collegiate Programming Contest) in Riverside, CA.  Two of the three teams scored in the contest.

Our 2018 Putnam Team

Every year we have students participate in the Putnam Exam after taking MATH150.  Avi Sternleib, Max Auerbach, Fatima Baeza, Sean Kato, Maya Klaib, Hany Diab and Shunxing (Oni) Zhang were members of the Redlands 2018 team.  For more information about this very prestigious mathematics exam talk to your friendly math professors to learn about participating in the competition.

Undergraduate Research

Every year top students from the University of Redlands mathematics department participate in summer research. Some do research on campus with math faculty and others go away to other universities to do summer research. Many of our students present their work at the Joint Mathematics Meeting every January.

Summer research students in 2018 - Summer Stafford and Joseph Macias worked with Dr. Bieri.  Their work resulted in some outstanding code that was published as part of a paper. (10.5281/zenodo.2538190)

Gal Dimand did 2018 summer research at UCLA

Maya Klaib at California State University of San Bernardino

Mathfest 2018 - Denver, CO 

summer denver 420.jpegCongratulations to Summer Stafford, who gave an outstanding presentation on her summer research, mathematical modeling on migration.  Summer was also our Pi Mu Epsilon, honor society, representative at the meeting. 




Joint Mathematics Meeting 2019 - Baltimore, MD

Gal Baltimore JMM 420.JPGCongratulations to Gal Dimand and Maya Klaib, who presented their research at the JMM.

(IMAGE: Gal Dimand: "Decomposition of Nonlinear System Dynamics into Multiple Time Scales.")




Maya Baltimore JMM 420.JPG(IMAGE: Maya Klaib: "Volume of Octahedral Lorenz Links.")