Student Achievement and Summer Research

Congratulations to our 2014 Putnam Team!

Casey Peters, Mitchell Messmore, Andy Ruden, Savanna Gee, and Connor Hough participated in the Putnam Exam and as a team they were ranked 97 out of 577 teams. We also saw our highest ever Putnam score from Casey, congratulations! For more information about this very prestigious mathematics exam talk to your friendly math professors to learn about participating in the competition.

Undergraduate Research

Every year top students from the University of Redlands mathematics department participate in summer research. Some do research on campus with math faculty and others go away to other universities to do summer research. Many of our students present their work at the Joint Mathematics Meeting every January.

Joint Mathematics Meeting 2015 - San Antonio, TX

Congratulations to Casey Peters, Wendy Rummerfield, and Andy Ruden who presented their research at the JMM!

Joint Mathematics Meeting 2014 - Baltimore, MD

Congratulations to Wendy Rummerfield, Freeman Levine, Sarah Armstrong, Kim McCarty, and Casey Peters who presented their research at the JMM!

Joint Mathematics Meeting 2013 - San Diego, CA

The University of Redlands would like to once again congratulate all of our summer research students who presented at the Joint Mathematics Meeting this year!

Joint Mathematics Meeting 2012 - Boston, MA

Three University of Redlands students presented their research at the Joint Mathematics Meeting. Congratulations to Britney Lovell, Duncan Ashby, and Casey McGrath!