Residence hall recycling station locations

In each student hall there is a gray tote bin which is used to collect paper.

White or colored paper may be placed in the bin. The recycling station is positioned near the soda machines. Once a week the Transportation team collects the paper from the halls and consolidates the material for pick up by the City of Redlands Quality of Life department.

Next to the gray tote is a red tote bin. Plastic bottles of all types, glass bottles, or aluminum cans may be placed in these totes. Once a week the Transportation team collects the mixed recyclables for sorting at the campus recycling center. Plastic and aluminum are sorted into individual bins. Glass is sorted by color and recycled accordingly.

In addition to residence hall recycling stations there are 8 outdoor recycling stations for bottles and cans on campus.

Hall Recycling Stations: Brockton Apartments: Building A recycle enclosure

Residence Halls: First floor near soda machines

Outdoor Recycling Stations:

  • Hunsaker Center

  • Armacost Library

  • Hall of Letters

  • Rose Garden near Willis Between Hentschke and Hornby Halls

  • Central Ave. Apartments

Don't trash it-Recycle it

Please collect these materials and take them to a recycling station in your residence hall.




Brochures and flyers

Food wrappers

White and colored paper

Paper Cups

Magazines, catalogs, junk mail & newspaper

Paper Towels, tissue

Paperboard (cereal boxes) and paperbags

Laminated paper

Paperback books





Aluminum and steel cans

Plastic bags

Glass bottles



Plastic film

Plastic containers

Ceramics or drinking glasses