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Your career is more than a job—you seek a role that lets you uplift others, encourage diversity in educational and more settings, and drive societal change regarding access and equality. If you are considering earning a master’s degree or expanding your skills with a new credential, get closer to making an impact by applying to one of the Department of Counseling's graduate programs.

Our team of scholar-practitioners strives to train individuals to effectively assist and support diverse clients and students. Social justice defines the core of our Pupil Personnel Services Credential, Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and Master of Arts in School and College Counseling programs. Curriculum and experiential learning help you develop a problem-solving mindset with these objectives in mind and stress the importance of responsive, socioculturally adaptive services in education, government, and nonprofit organizations.

Whether you’re interested in advancing along your current career path, want to change fields, or look to build off your existing master’s degree, review all requirements for the Department of Counseling graduate programs to compile all documents before submitting your application.

Application Deadlines

Applications for the Pupil Personnel Services Credential, MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and MA in School and College Counseling program are all accepted on a rolling basis. The Department of Counseling releases admission decisions periodically throughout the year.

To have your materials reviewed in a timely manner, complete your application by the listed deadline to ensure that the Admissions Review Committee has ample time to make a decision before the start of the term. Applications received after the corresponding deadline will be reserved for and reviewed after the subsequent date.

Upcoming Application Deadlines

For a complete list of dates, please visit our Application and Enrollment Calendar.

Application Requirements

To fully and accurately complete your application, go over all general and program-specific requirements listed below to assemble all relevant materials.

General Application Requirements

  1. Completed application.
  2. Evidence of a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution.
  3. Evidence of a 3.0 undergraduate GPA or an approved petition.
  4. One (1) official transcript issued by the Registrar of each institution attended, sent directly to the Office of Graduate and Professional Enrollment.
  5. Two (2) letters of recommendation from faculty or professionals who know your work.

Program Specific Requirements

In addition to the general application requirements, students must also submit program-specific documentation, found below, in order to be considered for admission.

MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

6. Personal Statement: Essay of 500 words describing personal experience and interests in the field. 

7. Certificate of Clearance 

MA in School and College Counseling

Candidates may choose to complete the MA with or without the requirements for the Pupil Personnel Services Credential. Please see the program page for details. 

Important Deadline Information: The MA in School and College Counseling is a selective program. Applications will be reviewed only twice - in March and in June. Priority will be given to applicants who have a complete application ready by the March deadline. Space may not be available in the program for later applicants.

6. Personal Statement: Essay of 500 words describing personal experience and interests in school or college counseling. 

7. Certificate of Clearance 

8. Negative TB Test Result

9. Meet Basic Skills Requirement

  • Applicants pursuing ONLY the College Counseling Track are not required to meet Basic Skills Requirement.

Pupil Personnel Services Credential

Applicants who already have earned a master’s degree at a regionally-accredited college or university in a counseling-related field and who wish to receive a PPS Credential must complete the additional admission requirements listed below. 

6. Personal Statement: Essay of 500 words describing personal experience and interests in the field. 

7. Certificate of Clearance 

8. Negative TB Test Result.

9. Evidence of a master's degree in a counseling-related field.

10.  Meet Basic Skills Requirement

Application Process

Across all counseling graduate programs, candidates should prepare to submit a combination of the following documents:

  • Official Transcripts: All candidates must show proof of a completed bachelor’s or, in the case of the Pupil Personnel Services Credential, a master’s degree from an accredited institution. Official transcripts provide evidence of this, support your earned GPA, and, in certain cases, show your educational background meets the Basic Skills requirement detailed below.
  • Letters of Recommendation: You’re driven to bring about change as a counselor or human services professional. Along with your personal statement, two letters of recommendation from faculty or professionals who have observed the quality of your work in some form further show you are a strong candidate for one of the department’s graduate programs.
  • Personal Statement: You strive to foster success and support future students or clients. Your personal statement should touch on your existing experiences and objectives in terms of advancing social justice and equity through your desired career path.
  • Basic Skills Requirement: Candidates applying to either the Pupil Personnel Services Credential or MA in School and College Counseling need to indicate mastery of college-level reading, writing, and mathematics. Understand all options for demonstrating your proficiency, and find all necessary forms to submit with your application.

Submitting Documents

All documents must be submitted online with your application. All listed materials are required in order for the Admissions Review Committee to thoroughly evaluate your application.

Financial Aid

Assistance is available to School of Education graduate students. To be eligible for all forms of financial aid, submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the listed deadline. See all dates and all graduate-specific forms of aid here.

Apply to a Counseling Program at the University of Redlands!

After reviewing all requirements for the School of Education’s counseling graduate programs, get started on your application. For any questions or additional information, contact a graduate enrollment counselor.