Graduate School of Theology Enrollment

We are excited you've chosen to explore the Graduate School of Theology (GST) at the University of Redlands. Whether you're interested in a master's or doctor of ministry degreeclinical pastoral education, or trauma counseling training, the GST can help prepare you for theological engagement, transformational impact, and active leadership in communities and public life.

The GST is made up of several components, including:

Graduate School of Theology Programs


Graduate-level diploma and certificates

Professional chaplaincy training

Non-degree certificates through the Applied Wisdom Institute (component seminars can also be taken individually)

How to Apply for Degrees, Professional Chaplaincy Training, and Graduate-Level Diplomas and Certificates

  1. Apply Online 
  2. Review admission requirements & admissions calendar
  3. Order your transcripts
  4. Consider scheduling an appointment with an enrollment counselor
  5. Review current tuition
  6. Apply for financial aid

How to Enroll in Applied Wisdom Institute Certificates and Seminars

To enroll in AWI certificate programs or seminars, visit our programs and make your selection for immediate registration.