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You envision a more equitable education environment and strive to drive change. Transform your knowledge while reaching for a leadership role with a Master's in Higher Education and Student Affairs or a School and District Leadership Program (Credential Only, Masters with Credential, or Ed.D. with Credential) from the University of Redlands’ School of Education.

Overseen by the Department of Leadership and Higher Education, both programs help elevate motivated, change-minded education professionals. Shape the direction of schools from elementary through college levels while promoting diversity and introducing and evaluating curricula and programs. Getting you there is the department’s committed team of scholar-practitioners who bring their insights from working in educational leadership and advocate for equity for all in the classroom.

As you prepare to take this next step, review all requirements and deadlines for the MA in Higher Education and Student Affairs and the School and District Leadership Programs below before you complete your application.

Learn more about our Doctor in Education, Leadership for Educational Justice (Ed.D.) program here.

Application Deadlines

For both the MA in Higher Education and Student Affairs and School and District Leadership Programs, the School of Education accepts applications on a rolling basis and will release admission decisions periodically throughout the year.

To ensure that the Admissions Review Committee has sufficient time to make a decision before the start of the term, be sure to complete your application by the posted deadline. Applications received after will be reserved for and reviewed by the next date.

For a complete list of dates, please visit our Application and Enrollment Calendar.

Application Requirements

Review both general and program-specific requirements to compile all materials before submitting your application.

General Application Requirements

  1. Completed application.
  2. Evidence of a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution.
  3. Evidence of a 3.0 undergraduate GPA or an approved petition.
  4. One (1) official transcript issued by the Registrar of each institution attended, sent directly to the Office of Graduate and Professional Enrollment.
  5. Two (2) letters of recommendation from faculty or professionals who know your work.

Program Specific Requirements

In addition to the general application requirements, students must also submit program-specific documentation, found below, in order to be considered for admission.

School and District Leadership

6. Personal Statement: Essay of 500 words describing personal experience and interests in relationship to educational administration. 

7. Certificate of Clearance 

8. Meet the Basic Skills Requirement 

9. Clear or Life Credential 

To be eligible for admission to the Credential Only, Masters with Credential, or Ed.D. with Credential, students must possess a clear or life credential and have completed at least three years of full-time teaching or professional service (related to their credential) before beginning the program. Please see the program page for more information. 

  • A valid clear or life California credential
  • Teacher Credential with English Learner Authorization
  • Pupil Personnel Services Credential
  • Teacher Librarian Services Credential
  • Speech-Language Pathology Services Credential
  • Clinical or Rehabilitative Services Credential
  • School Nurse Services Credential

10.  Evidence of at least three years of full-time teaching or professional service. Full-time service means service for a minimum of four hours per day for at least three-fourths of the total days in the school year. Substitute or part-time service does not apply.

11. GRE scores (optional)

*Students who do not have the minimum GPA must submit a GPA petition to the School of Education along with 2 additional letters of recommendation from different academicians/professionals. 

MA in Higher Education and Student Affairs

1. Personal Statement: Essay of 500 words describing personal experience and interests in relation to higher education and/or student affairs. 

Application Process

In the process of completing your application, you will need to supply a combination of the following documents:

  • Official Transcripts: Your transcripts indicate to the School of Education that you’ve completed a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, support your GPA, and help fulfill the Basic Skills requirement described below. 
  • Letters of Recommendation: Letters of recommendation speak to your academic performance and professional experience. You’re advised to seek out faculty or professionals who can describe your motivation and vision. 
  • Personal Statement: You aim to evolve the current educational model. Touch on your ideas and objectives to achieve this with your personal statement. 

For School and District Leaderhip Programs Only

  • Clear or Life Credential: A requirement for the MA in School and District Leadership program only, you’ll need to provide proof of a clear or life credential, which indicates you have at least three years of full-time teaching or other professional education experience. In California, education professionals earn a clear credential after fulfilling all preliminary certification requirements. Although no longer issued, life credentials attest to similar experiences and continue to be valid. 
  • Basic Skills Requirement: Show your mastery of college-level reading, writing, and mathematics via official transcripts, California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) exam results, an Advanced Placement score, SAT or ACT score, or another listed form. Review all options, and complete the necessary forms.

Submitting Documents

All documents must be submitted online with your application. All listed pieces are required in order to present your application to the Admissions Review Committee for assessment.

Financial Aid

Don’t forget about financial aid. In addition to submitting your online application, complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be eligible for graduate-specific forms of assistance. Review all dates and financial aid solutions.

Apply to the School of Education today!

 After reviewing all requirements for the MA in Higher Education and Student Affairs and the MA in School and District Leadership programs, get started on your application. For any questions or additional information, contact a graduate enrollment counselor.