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The Human Resources Management Certificate at the University of Redlands provides the rich knowledge of the roles, responsibilities, and technical requirements of serving as a leader in human resources management.

This certificate stresses a refined understanding of strategic performance management and employee engagement to build successful, diverse, and highly collaborative teams. The program is an excellent fit for students seeking advancement in both generalist and specialist roles, as well as those seeking to enter into a human resources (HR) career for the first time.

While the Redlands Human Resources Management Certificate is not a test prep program, it does cover all the discipline areas required for Professional in Human Resources Management (PHR®) or Senior Professional in Human Resources Management (SPHR®) certification examinations.

Why study human resources management?

Human resources professionals are responsible for human capital of an organization and help fit the skills and talents of employees to the mission of the enterprise. They must manage increasingly complex organizational, salary, and benefit systems while also recruiting, training, and managing regulatory standards. They are essential members of every organization, supporting productivity, retention, and inclusion in an ever-evolving modern workplace.

Human Resources Management Curriculum and Program Structure

The Human Resources Management curriculum includes seven courses (18 credits) $440 per credit. Total cost of the certificate program is $7,920.

Designed for working professionals, the certificate program can be completed in as little as 11 months with online and in-person courses to fit any scheduling needs. Courses can be taken in any order, and students can get started pursuing the certificate at any point in the year with frequent course start dates. 

There are no preliminary admission requirements for the HR Management program, allowing students to make an immediate impact on their careers.

Individual courses may also benefit supervisors, managers, and consultants outside of human resources seeking greater insight into employee management. Completed coursework can also be used as a credit towards a degree at many colleges and universities.

Become an Effective Human Resources Leader

The Certificate in Human Resources Management through the University of Redlands provides extensive training in a wide range of HR responsibilities, elevating your ability to become an effective, confident, and compassionate human resources professional at your organization.

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All online live class sessions are in the Pacific Standard Time zone. 

HRCS 310 Human Resources Management (4 Credits)

Theory and practice of human resource management in organizations, including labor relations. Current issues in human resources will be addressed. 

HRCS 311 Legal Aspects of Human Resources Management (3 Credits)

Review state and federal regulations governing human resources management including labor law, discrimination, sexual harassment, occupational safety and health (OSHA), unions, and labor relations, and current legal trends in human resources. 

HRCS 312 Employee Recruitment and Selection (3 Credits)

Exploration of recruitment and staffing processes, including analyzing position requirements, preparing job descriptions, recruiting candidates, selecting finalists, and orienting new employees. Additional attention is given to hiring standards, legal requirements, and best practices. 

HRCS 313 Compensation and Benefits Administration (3 Credits)

Explore the design, development, and administration of common employee compensation and benefits programs. Topics include pay strategies, administration of healthcare benefit plans, review of retirement plans, using work-life benefits in-lieu of pay, and bonus and rewards systems. 

HRCS 314 Performance Management (3 Credits)

Reviews best practices in measuring, analyzing, and monitoring job performance. Topics include managing performance standards, job performance metrics, proactive and reactive performance management, and conducting reviews.

Elective Courses

Human Resources Management students must select two additional elective courses (two credits) to complete the certificate.

HRCS 316 Ethics in Human Resources Management (1 Credits)

Review ethical issues and ethical dilemmas human resources professionals face in the workplace. Explore organizational culture, legal constraints, and rights and responsibilities of employees and employers. 

HRCS 317 Risk Management and Workers Compensation Administration (1 Credits)

Explore the identification and management of risk from a human resources perspective, including workers’ compensation liabilities, workplace health and safety concerns, adequate or appropriate insurance coverage, and hostile work environments.

HRCS 318 Training and Development (1 Credits)

Examine current trends and issues in workplace training and development with special attention to the design, development, and application of training programs to improve productivity, safety, and quality.

This program of study is offered in partnership with the University of Redlands School of Business & Society. Interested in seeing business degree programs?