Undergraduate Teacher Credential Pathway

How does my program of undergraduate study relate to teacher credentialing?

Teacher Credentialing: Some Basic Information

Earning a teaching credential at the University of Redlands School of Education is the final step toward becoming a teacher. The teaching credential programs at Redlands are accredited by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing and are aligned with state standards. There are multiple teaching credential pathways including Multiple Subject, Single Subject, or Educational Specialist. Students can earn a teaching credential only or complete a Master’s degree with a teaching credential.

Undergraduates can begin the pathway to the teaching credential while they are undergraduates. Some students, if they plan carefully, can even complete the credential within 4 years alongside their BA.

Liberal Studies prepares you for the multiple-subject credential. Within Liberal Studies, students fulfill the Child Development requirement for admission to the School of Ed. Students also need to:

· Satisfy the CA Constitution Requirement (POLI 111 or HIST 121)

· Enroll in EDUG 401

Once these requirements are complete, students can then apply to the School of Education and begin taking credential courses alongside their undergraduate courses. Students interested in this pathway should review the application guidelines and documents at the School of Education.

The University of Redlands' School of Education can answer any questions you have about teacher credentialing and graduate degrees in education.

Detailed information about the pathway to teacher credential can be found here.