LBST for Transfer Students

If you would like to know what coursework will best prepare you to transfer to the University of Redlands as a Liberal Studies Major, below you will find a list of course topics that may fulfill Liberal Studies major requirements and satisfy the University's Liberal Arts Inquiry requirements (LAIs) while they prepare you with the knowledge you need to teach California's subject matter content standards for PreK-8.

Remember that different institutions use different course titles even when the same basic content may be taught. What is important is that the courses reflect substantial portions of the California State standards. Alternative courses may be acceptable at the discretion of the LBST advisor. Please contact our faculty if you would like an evaluation of such a proposed substitution.

If the college that you are currently attending has an "articulation agreement" with the University of Redlands, please consult the articulation agreements to find a list of courses offered at your institution. Then choose courses from that list that match the descriptions given below.


MUSIC OR ART: Choose one of either a Music Appreciation course OR an introduction to an Art form (for example, drawing, ceramics or sculpture) that includes opportunities to participate in creating art or learning artistic techniques (in order to fulfill the "Creative Process" LAI).

CHILD DEVELOPMENT: Take one introduction to Child Development (such courses are usually entitled "Child Development," "Child and Adolescent Development" or "Developmental Psychology").

HISTORY: Choose ONE course from the following history surveys: American History (choose either the survey that covers the Colonial Period to the Civil War or the one that covers the Civil War to the Present). World History (you may choose either the survey that covers the ancient to early modern period or the one that covers the early modern period to the present)

BIOLOGY with a LAB: Take an introduction to Biology that also has a laboratory component.

MATH: Take "Finite Mathematics" (often courses with other titles do not qualify as Finite Mathematics, even if listed in the articulation agreements.

CHEMISTRY, PHYSICS OR ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE: Choose one course from the following course topics: an introduction to Chemistry, Physics, Physical Geography or Astronomy.

LITERATURE: Choose ONE Literature course from the following survey course options—Children’s Literature, Introduction to American Literature, Introduction to World Literature. Another similarly broad Literature survey course may be acceptable. However, courses that form part of a freshman year writing composition series are NOT acceptable substitutions.

U.S. GOVERNMENT or POLITICS: Take an introduction to American "Government" or "Politics." (This would meet your CA Constitution requirement for a teaching credential)


FOREIGN LANGUAGE - It’s also a good idea to take a year of a Foreign Language to get that LAI requirement done before you arrive at U of R.

THINKING GLOBALLY COURSE: Choose a World Religions survey course or an introduction to Cultural Anthropology or a similar course focused on learning about the world in a global perspective.