Liberal Studies

Your Guide to the Many Pathways Towards a Career in Teaching

Because you can choose from many different teaching career paths, we in the Liberal Studies Program are dedicated to helping you find the best, most exciting and most practical path towards a career in education! Regardless of what major you choose, you can always turn to us for advising about the undergraduate requirements that will prepare you for the teaching credential or graduate degree of your choice. We can also direct you towards field experience and community service options that will bring you into early contact with practicing teachers, counselors and principals.

Did you know that you do not necessarily have to major in Liberal Studies to become an elementary school (K-8) teacher? Students interested in teaching at either the elementary or secondary school levels can and should pursue any major that interests them. If you would like to pursue a different major, we can show you how to utilize Liberal Arts Inquiry requirements (LAI) to give yourself a broad education in the subjects included in California State Standards and in the multiple-subject CSET.

If you choose to complete the Liberal Studies major, we will provide you with exciting classes that introduce you to the classroom and to the profession, prepare you for the multiple-subject requirements, get you in contact with professionals in education, and give you the opportunity to conduct research pertinent to education. Many career markets in education favor people who have specialized in a specific area. Therefore, the Liberal Studies Program offers a practical path towards obtaining a double major in order to ensure that you have the best preparation for your chosen career path.

Kathy Hickey
Program Director
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