Three degree options including ACS-certification

The chemistry department at the University of Redlands offers both standard and American Chemical Society certified Bachelor of Science degrees. In addition, the chemistry and biology departments jointly administer a program in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology which provides a double major in chemistry and biology.

Small Classes with excellence in the laboratory

Our department emphasizes hands on learning and close interaction between students and faculty. From first semester of general chemistry to the senior level advanced laboratory course, students learn the theoretical concepts and laboratory skills important to being well-educated chemists. Students learn to how read primary literature, to plan experiments and to acquire and analyze data, and they get direct experience with a variety of modern instruments. We also place a strong emphasis on scientific writing and oral presentation skills.

Undergraduate Research

Research is an integral part of the chemistry program. All chemistry majors undertake a research project starting no later than the May term of their junior year; many begin much earlier. For this project, students work with a faculty member on original research in chemistry. As the culmination of their work, students write a thesis and present their work in chemistry seminar. In addition to the required research, many chemistry majors also take part in the Science Center Summer Research program and present their work at local and national chemistry meetings. Student research can also result in publications in peer reviewed journals.

Michael Ferracane, Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Chemistry, Hedco Hall 206
University of Redlands
1200 E. Colton Avenue
Redlands, CA 92373