Business Administration and Management

More than a million college graduates prepare to enter the American workforce each year and employers' expectations are very high.

Redlands gives you the competitive edge to gain great employment opportunities on graduation.

To prepare you for a career in business, at Redlands you will:

  • Have the opportunity to take on field research at corporations and government agencies, participate in both domestic and international business and government internships at home and abroad

  • Study under professors who have significant professional experience in business and government

  • Engage with visiting executives from the world's leading corporations

  • Develop your leadership skills and successfully build competencies in critical thinking, analysis and decision making

  • Gain a national and international business perspective through practical hands-on learning opportunities conducting case studies with companies, and visiting major and niche corporations throughout Southern California and the world

As a Redlands business graduate, you will become an active participant in the growing global economy and be prepared to compete for a fast-track career placement with our nation's leading corporations.

Recent career-track full-time positions awarded to Redlands Business Administration and Management graduates: