The Concentrations

Choose one of the following: 


ART 140 Introduction to Ceramics
ART 240 Intermediate Ceramics or ART 347 Intermediate Sculpture 
ART 448 Advanced Projects: Sculpture/Ceramics 


ART 233 Painting
ART 333 Intermediate Painting
ART 434 Advanced Projects: Drawing/Painting 

Graphic Design

ART 150 Book Arts or ART 251 Typography
ART 252 Introduction to Graphic Design
ART 352 Intermediate Graphic Design
ART 456 Advanced Projects: Graphic Design


ART 235 Introduction to Photography
ART 339 Intermediate Photography
ART 436 Advanced Projects: Photography
CAPSTONE: 1 course/ 4 credits (all majors)
ART 495 Senior Project