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Internship Grant in Art/Design and Entrepreneurship

The Art Department would like to announce a funding opportunity for students interested in a summer internship.

The grant for an internship in Art/Design and Entrepreneurship will provide monetary resources to a student for a summer internship at a design firm, marketing firm, or other relevant business enterprise that provides an opportunity for the student to work closely with an artist or designer.

As part of the selection process, students will have identified a business or organization that has already accepted them as a summer intern, or that has a high probability of accepting them as a summer intern (paid or unpaid). A letter of affiliation from the business or organization that indicates their willingness and/or commitment to accepting the student as a summer intern must be included, along with information about the business or organization. Students must submit an essay that expresses their interest in the internship, describes the opportunity, and what one expects to gain from the experience.

The selection process of the summer internship program grant is managed by Art Department faculty.

Eligible students include Art majors and minors. Students with other majors who are pursuing a double major in Art/Design may also be considered.

If the maximum number of applicants exceeds the number of available resources, faculty will make the final decision to award the opportunity to the most deserving student.

The student who is awarded this grant is required to keep a journal over the course of their internship. They are also required to maintain a portfolio of materials that is created or developed during this time. Upon return to campus, and within 60 days of the internship completion, the student will make an oral and visual presentation to Art Department faculty.

Depending on the opportunity, domestic or international, these funds may be used to cover expenses related to airfare, ground transportation, housing, and insurance. Proper documentation of expenditures, receipts, etc. is expected of the recipient at the time of their final presentation to faculty.

Deadline to submit proposal April 4

Submit inquiries and proposals via email to Penny McElroy, Chair of the Art Department