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The Liberal Arts Within Art

Students who study art within a liberal arts setting have the enviable opportunity to understand and use the connections among various disciplines. Since art is about everything, having a breadth of knowledge helps student artists to create meaningful work that can effectively locate itself within the cultural and intellectual context of the University and the world.

Art Within The Liberal Arts

This might sound intimidating, but the passion and commitment to the field that we bring to our classes is paired with a delight in introducing beginners to the world of art. Because Redlands is a liberal arts university, all students must take one course in the arts. Many fulfill this commitment in our studio classes. This means that students with various levels of experience –some art majors and some beginners, populate our intro courses. As a result of this mixture, the courses are lively and interdisciplinary. Students are encouraged to apply skills from other areas to their work in art and art history.

Expected Professional Skills Of An Artist

  • Observation and drawing from life

  • Composition in two and three dimensions

  • Constructing innovative and original works of art

  • Using art tools in a safe and appropriate manner

  • Technical understanding of various art materials

  • Insightful and articulate critique of works of art

  • Development of professional portfolio in an area of concentration

  • Presentation and exhibit design

  • Grant, proposal, and artist statement writing