Admissions Procedures for Students with Learning Disabilities

We are excited that you are interested in becoming a Bulldog! As you begin your admissions process, we encourage you to review the differences between high school & college pamphlet to better understand your changing responsibilities and consider which accommodations you may want to utilize. Remember, in college, it is the responsibility of the student to identify his or her disability and seek support.

Prospective students, if you are planning on visiting University of Redlands, we would be excited to meet you! To schedule a campus visit, see Visits & Tours, and to schedule an appointment with Academic Success and Accessibility while you are here, contact us at 909-748-8069 or  

To help you with your anticipated transition, we have compiled the following steps:

Step 1: Apply

Applicants with disabilities follow the same admissions procedures as students without disabilities and must submit application materials as requested by the Admissions Office. The initial decision of acceptance is in accordance with established admission standards, without regard to disability. Information provided during the admission process concerning an applicant's disability is kept in accordance with state and federal laws regarding privacy.

For more information about application submission or status, admissions requirements, deadlines, and specific programs of interest, or to speak with an admissions counselor, please visit the Admissions Office webpage. 

Step 2: Organize & Update Documentation

Prior to enrollment at University of Redlands, we advise that undergraduate and graduate students with disabilities who received services and accommodations on the basis of disability in high school, community college, or at another university obtain relevant information, including clinical evaluations. Graduate schools may require updated information prior to admission.

High school students receiving special education services are recommended to meet with their IEP (Individualized Education Program) committee prior to their graduation to obtain a formal transition plan. Students with disabilities enrolled in private schools, including parochial and home schools, are entitled to evaluative and special education services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 1997. Students and parents are encouraged to contact the principal or administrator of their local public high school if diagnostic testing or educational services are needed.

For more information on University of Redlands and ADA requirements, please visit our page on Documentation Guidelines.

Step 3: Reach Out

If you have any questions regarding disability services at University of Redlands, please contact our accessibility representatives.

For College of Arts and Sciences

To arrange accommodations, please send an email to and our office will reach out to schedule an appointment.

For general inquiries, please contact us at (909)748-8069.

For more information about setting up services once you are enrolled, please review our page, Arranging Accommodations.

For School of Education: Academic Advisor, Kristin Grammar at (909)748-8817 or

For School of Business: Director of Student Services, Christine Taitano at (909)748-8743 or