Physical Accessibility

The office of Academic Success and Accessibility (ASA) supports and provides resources for
students with permanent and temporary physical accessibility needs on campus. To contact our
office please call (909) 748-8069 or email

Interactive Map Showing Locations of ADA Accessible Buildings:

Interactive Campus Map

Golf Cart Transportation:

Scheduled golf cart pick-ups and drop-offs to classes may be available for students with physical
accessibility accommodations. Please click here to view the transportation policy.

Public Safety:

Public Safety may be available to assist with golf cart transportation if no one is available in ASA.

An ADA accessible van may also be available for wheelchair users, if needed. A trained driver will
be identified upon reserving the ADA van.

Public Safety can be contacted at (909) 748-8888.

First Floor Housing Accommodations:

Students with documented a permanent disability/disabilities that affect the ability to climb
stairs or live on the 2nd or 3rd floor can request a housing accommodation for a 1st floor residence
hall room.

For students with a temporary housing accommodation need due to an injury or surgery, first
floor accommodations can also be requested for the specific semester in which this need applies.

For more information on the housing accommodation request process please visit:

First Floor Classroom Accommodations:

For any student who has a documented permanent disability with ASA, accommodations are
made to ensure that as the student registers for the upcoming semester, ASA will review the
schedule and request any classroom changes necessary. This ensures that classrooms are either
on the first floor of accessible buildings or are in buildings with elevators.

For a student who has a temporary disability, such as a broken leg and is on crutches, the same
first floor accommodations will be requested for that semester only.

Parking Spaces:

Most buildings on campus have designated parking spaces for vehicles displaying a disability
placard, and access ramps for entrance.

Interactive Campus Map

Public Restrooms:

Some public restrooms on campus have designated stalls to accommodate disabilities.

Interactive Campus Map