Eligibility to Play

Who is eligible to play Intramurals?

  1. All enrolled students carrying one or more credit hour(s)

  2. All employees and their spouses

A University of Redlands ID is required to check in for the first game. Any team which plays with an ineligible player will forfeit that game!

Who is NOT eligible?

  1. Intercollegiate athletes may not compete in any related sport during the same academic year. This includes JV players, athletes regularly practicing with an intercollegiate team and any player who has suited up for one intercollegiate game, regardless of whether if he/she plays or not.

  2. Alumni are not eligible to play Intramurals unless enrolled in a class or working as an employee of the University

  3. Any person who is or was considered a "professional" player in any sport may not play the related sport.