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We are so excited that you are joining our Bulldog Family. This page hosts links to relevant resources and some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please plan to be with your student during New Student Orientation on the following day:  

Sunday, August 29 - Move-in, Family Program, and Welcome Dinner


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FAQ For Families of New Students

Below are a variety of frequently asked questions. We will be updating this information throughout the summer, so please check back here.


What is a First-Year Seminar?

First-Year Seminars (FYS) is a required foundation course for every incoming first-year student. In these seminars students develop a close personal relationship with a full-time faculty member who not only teaches the course but also serves as academic advisor and mentor, introducing students to college-level skills and helping them in planning their academic programs.  Most seminars are interdisciplinary in focus, and students are encouraged to select seminars according to their broader intellectual and personal interests, not as a foundation course in a possible major.

When do first-year students register for classes?

In addition to the FYS, all incoming students will be pre-registered into an introductory course in their prospective majors, what we call “FYS + 1 course.” That course selection is determined by the student’s responses on the Academic Interest Survey that they fill out on the New Student Checklist.

All incoming first-year students will be pre-registered into half of their schedule via these pre-registrations. The rest of the fall 2021 schedule will be determined through individual meetings with FYS faculty advisors during advising sessions in the week before courses start. 

My student was placed in an FYS that has nothing to their intended major. Why are they in it?

The First-Year Seminar (FYS) is the foundation course for all new students in the Liberal Arts Inquiry general education model at the University of Redlands and introduce students to foundational academic skills and the richness of a liberal arts and sciences curriculum. 

The “+1” course into which each student is pre-registered alongside the FYS is the course that relates to intended academic major(s).

When will my student meet with an advisor (counselor) to choose my schedule?

The University of Redlands is proud that all students are advised by full-time faculty in the College. FYS faculty serve as the academic advisor to the students in their seminar until students formally declare their major(s), usually in the spring of their sophomore year. Students will meet with their faculty advisor during the weeks before classes begin and will choose the rest of their schedule, usually two more courses, in those individual meetings.

Do all students have to take a language or can they test out of it?

All students are required to fulfill our general education language requirement of two semesters at the lower-division or one semester at the upper-division.  Certain AP/IB scores will earn credit toward the overall graduation credit total in some languages, but do not exempt students from taking language courses at the University.  Students who are bilingual or have advanced fluency can earn their language requirements through topics courses  in literature, culture, politics and other areas that are taught in that language.

I have some questions about Financial Aid. Who do I reach out to?

Should you have questions about your student's account balance, how to pay your bill, or any other financial inquiries, please email Please note that due to the heavy volume of calls and emails, there may be a slight delay. We encourage you to watch this webinar, as it may answer some of your questions.

Residence Life and Housing

Residence Life and Housing has compiled a great list of frequently asked questions which you can access here. Should you have additional questions, you can email them at

Can my child have a car on campus?

Students are allowed to have a car on campus. There is no charge to park, however students must register their car with Public Safety and will need to display a placard whenever parked on campus.

When is Move-In Day?

All first-year new students will move in by appointment on Sunday, August 29th. More information will be sent directly to the student about their move-in date and time from the Residence Life and Housing team. 

*Some in-season athletes will arrive early and will be coordinated by their coaches. 

Here are all move-in dates: 

August 29

Class of 2025 Students arrive/Orientation begins

August 30

Class of 2024 Students arrive/Orientation begins

August 31

Continuing students arrive


What is Student Involvement and Success (SIS)

Student Involvement and Success (SIS) is the administrative office at Redlands serves to enhance the overall student experience through programs intended to develop, educate, and entertain.  SIS serves to provide every student with opportunities to engage and contribute to their Redlands community starting with New Student Orientation. SIS does this with the objective of developing successful students who lead meaningful lives.  We believe learning goes beyond the classroom and being involved in student clubs and organizations, student government, or other types of student leadership programs are one of the most important and valuable aspects of the college experience.

Does Redlands have a student government?

Associated Students of the University of Redlands is the student government on the University of Redlands. There are many different ways to get involved in ASUR, even as a first-year student! Branches include Cabinet, Senate, and Judicial Council. ASUR is based on the pillars of representation, engagement, enhancement, and leadership, and believes that a true student government is one run for students, by students. The organization represents students on issues including academics, university policy, student affairs, and other areas that directly affect the experience of students. Moreover, ASUR provides high-quality programming and special events that reflect the interests and needs of the student body. Email for more information. 

Is there a place for my student to learn more about the clubs and organizations offered at Redlands?

View the list of over 100 clubs and organizations here. There is also an involvement fair hosted the first week of classes. Students have the opportunity to learn more about each club that they are interested during this fair. Encourage your student to be on the look out for this event.

Can my student join a fraternity or sorority their first semester?

Students who have completed 28 colleges credits, have a GPA of 2.5 and higher, and are in good standing with the University are eligible to participant in Rush. Click here for more questions directly related to Greek Life.


Should your questions not be addressed here, below is a guide of who to call:

First Year Seminar (FYS) Dean's Office (909) 748-8359
Plus One Course Dean's Office (909) 748-8359
General Education Requirements Online Catalog/Dean's Office for further information (909) 748-8359
AP/IB Exams Online Catalog/Office of the Registrar or Dean's Office for further information

(909) 748-8359
(909) 748-8019

Dual Enrollment Credits Office of the Registrar (909) 748-8019
Residential Communities and Rooms Residence Life and Housing
Roommates Residence Life and Housing
Financial Aid Awards and Billing Student Financial Services (909) 748-8047