Greek Accreditation

The University of Redlands is host to a community of local-only Greek Fraternities and Sororities that provide students an opportunity to be active in an organization whose members share common ideals and values. A group of 17 including students from every organization, alumni and staff advisors began developing a program in 2015 focused on the integration and assessment of the Greek Community Pillars. The Greek Accreditation Program (GAP) allows chapters to review their purpose, effectiveness, internal structures, new member processes and accomplishments to encourage growth and celebration of achievements of the individual organizations.

As an organization in good standing, it is the responsibility of the membership to ensure that an organization is meeting the minimum standards and is working towards surpassing the minimum expectations. Knowing that individual member’s and chapter’s actions reflect on all Greeks at Redlands and nationwide, our Greek community is only as strong as our weakest link. Through a reflective journey, formal presentation to a committee of staff and student collaborators, interviews with organization members and a final assessment, groups receive recognition and suggestions for continued development.