Frequently Asked Questions

Deciding whether to join a Greek organization and which organization to join is a big decision. Here are our answers to a few frequently asked questions about Greek life at Redlands.

Which Organization is Best for Me?

Whether to join an individual chapter is simply a matter of personal preference. Each organization has its own advantages. Selecting a fraternity or sorority is like choosing friends-pick the group with which you feel most comfortable.

Do fraternities and sororities provide housing?

Most fraternities and sororities operate chapter houses on campus, which provide the opportunity for small group living. Each organization selects their house members differently. Some groups select house members based on semesters in the organization, while others select them based on class standing. It is a privilege to live in Greek housing. Greek housing costs are similar to residence hall expenses.

How much does membership cost?

On average, the per-semester cost for Greek members ranges from $100 to $250. These dues cover the cost of recruitment, community service project supplies, social events, formals and All Greek events. In addition, each organization pays $50 to be a part of IFC or Panhellenic and $50 to be a part of Greek Council.

What is the new member process?

Most organizations require their members to complete a probationary period, called "the new member process" prior to initiation. This process is designed to serve as an orientation and member development opportunity. During this six week period, candidates will learn the history, traditions and operating procedures of the organization and participate in activities to get to know active members better. Some organizations require new members to maintain a set grade point average during their new member semester in order to qualify for initiation. Organizations use various terms to refer to their pre-initiates, including "new member," "associate member" and "candidate."

How much time does fraternity or sorority membership require?

On average, expect to contribute 20 hours per week for meetings and activities during the six-week new member process. Once initiation is over, most students devote five to 10 hours per week to their brotherhood or sisterhood. Optional activities such as holding an office, attending social events, playing on an intramural sports team or assisting with various community service projects require additional time. With good time management, your Greek activities can easily fit into students' weekly schedules and allow plenty of time for classes, studying, work and participation in other campus activities.

What is hazing and is it permitted at the University of Redlands?

Hazing is defined in our Student Code of Conduct. Once a common tradition, hazing has now been banned by all organizations and institutions of higher education. The University of Redlands rigorously enforces this policy, and organizations that violate the policy are subject to immediate suspension of campus recognition and privileges.

Will Greek membership affect my grades?

Academic achievement is a top priority for all organizations. Many organizations enforce grade point average requirements and offer study sessions, tutoring and other programs to assist members in achieving their potential. Students who take advantage of the academic support available and properly balance their time between academic and co-curricular pursuits will find that Greek membership will enhance their academic performance. National studies have consistently found that university retention rates are significantly higher for fraternity and sorority members than for unaffiliated students.

What to Expect If Your Student Goes Greek?

Joining a Greek Organization at Redlands can be a life-changing experience. If your student has decided to join an organization, they have already gone through the Rush process and have already found their new home; now begins the New Member Process.

The New Member Process spans six weeks and is designed to allow your student to truly get to know their new brothers or sisters, to learn the history and traditions of their new organization, and to bond with the rest of the Greek community. This process can undoubtedly be a busy time for your student, however, organizations take the proper measures to ensure that your student stays healthy and is still committed to academics above all else. New members are required to complete 20 hours of study per week during the new member process which are overseen by members of the Greek Community. Moreover, the Greek Community is committed to a No-Hazing Policy which is regularly updated and accepted by the community. Each week, your student will attend a New Member education session which will cover topics related to alcohol use, substance abuse, sexual education and safety, public safety, and many more. 

Your student will very soon be joining an incredible community of people who are committed to academic excellence, community service, and professional development. The chances are that your student is excited and probably quite nervous; reach out to your student and talk to them about it… join in on the excitement! Welcome to Redlands Greek Life!