Monique Stennis

Senior Director of Diversity Initiatives
Office for Inclusion & Community

Photo of Monique Stennis


MBA Marketing, University of La Verne

B.A., Communications (public relations and mass media) California State University-San Bernardino

Certificate in LGBTQ Leadership, University of Redlands

Certificate of Completion of the Rochford Leadership Development Program

National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education (NCORE), The University of Oklahoma


Hunsaker University Center
P: 909.748.8285

Meet Monique

Monique A. Stennis is a communications professional with expertise in diversity initiatives and building a culture of inclusion within higher education institutions, small to mid-sized organizations, non-profits, and entrepreneurs.

​She leverages her unique background, perspective, and extensive marketing career to quickly identify, translate, and deliver project management expertise; communication strategies; and innovative diversity programming align with the organizations’ mission.

Monique Stennis- Change Comes with Effective Team Building

Monique Stennis, AABLI board member, explains how diversity has grown to "inclusion" in the decision-making process. AABLI's impact includes having more African American professionals sitting in leadership positions making decisions. (airdate 6/9/20 video source ABC7)

Courses Taught

REST-260-01: Restorative Justice

SSRV-156-01, SSRV-156-02: STEP Peer Mentoring

SSRV-256-01, SSRV-256-02: STEP Peer Mentoring

BUSCS-342-ON03, BUSCS-342-ON03P: Customer Experience Management

BUSCS-343-OC01, BUSCS-343-OC01P: Internet & Social Media Marketing

BUSCS-349-ON06, BUSCS-349-ON06P: Personal Branding

BUSCS-345-ON03, BUSCS-345-ON03P, BUSCS-345-ON03A: Marketing Analytics

BUSCS-340-ON03, BUSCS-340-ON03P: Principles of Marketing

JNST-IND-10: Race on Campus