University-wide Council on Inclusiveness & Community

Dr. Kuncl's Charge to the Council

The Council is charged with both action and innovation in creating an ever-more inclusive community at the University of Redlands.  I hope we adopt the following mindset: that we are in a process of becoming . . .  a process of becoming and evolving . . . remaining committed to a rich history of excellence by redoubling and sustaining our efforts in important areas and exploring new ways of being in the modern world.  This is not a moment, nor a crisis.  Rather, it is an opportunity to be ever better.

What we are about:

  • respect for one another’s differences,
  • being proactive leaders who set a tone for the University, and
  • honoring due process, but always looking forward. 

What we are not about:

  • destroying the values that got us here,
  • tearing us or others down,
  • looking backward, or
  • using counterproductive processes that achieve counterproductive results.



Council Meeting Agendas & Minutes