Environmental Studies (EVSTCS)

EVSTCS 100 Introduction to Environmental Studies (4 Credits)

Overview of the major causes and consequences of pollution, natural resource depletion, and loss of biological diversity. The primary objective is to develop an interdisciplinary understanding of our natural environment, the human impacts that degrade it, and the measures we can take to protect and to restore environmental quality.

EVSTCS 340 Green Business (4 Credits)

Examines various aspects of sustainability and options available to businesses to establish green practices. Explores opportunities that businesses create, the challenges encountered, and the contributions toward protecting the environment while simultaneously sustaining a profit. The role of environmental policy, leadership, technology, and public opinion also is investigated.

Science (SCIBCS)

SCIBCS 150 Current Issues in Science & Technology (3 Credits)

Examination of some of the most important technological developments of this century and their impact upon human lives. Examination of the complex relationship among humans, the environment, and technology. Not open to students who have received credit for LSNS 150.

SCIBCS 201 Natural Sciences Through Living Laboratories (3 Credits)

Exploration of the principles and methodology of astronomy, marine biology, natural history, and ecology to understand the natural environment. Students will utilize campus-based facilities and field sites throughout Southern California as laboratories. Not open to students who have received credit for LSNS-201.