These courses are general education courses, no certificate is associated with these classes.

EDUCCS 115 Teaching Economics in the K–8 Classroom (4 Credits)

Introduction to concepts of economics for teachers in the K–8 classroom. Emphasizes the Economics Strand of the California History/ Social Science standards and specific pedagogies and strategies for instruction in the classroom, including creation of specific lesson plans of economic concepts.

EDUCCS 300 Introduction to Instructional Design (4 Credits)

Introduction to the core components of instructional design. Learn effective methodologies and principles suitable for the online, face-to-face, and hybrid instruction.

EDUCCS 301 Emerging Technologies and Instructional Design Tools (4 Credits)

This course will prepare students to explore, understand, and implement contemporary technology tools used to design and develop instructional materials. This course will cover techniques and effective pedagogical principles followed when using instructional technology tools in the development of training and course materials for face-to-face, hybrid, or online delivery.
Numeric grade only.

EDUCCS 302 Learning Theories (4 Credits)

In order to create engaging learning experiences, instructional designers must understand theories of learning, and how these theories intermix with ubiquitous digital content and social networks. In this course students with both explore and apply learning theories from traditional behavior-based understanding to emerging theories of social engagement.
Numeric grade only.

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