Religion & Spirituality

Religion (RELCS)

RELCS 100 Introduction to Religious Studies (1 Credits)

This class examines what religion is, the many ways scholars have sought to understand and study it, and the various methodological approaches they have chosen.

RELCS 125 Introduction to World Religions (4 Credits)

By studying major religious traditions of the world, students will consider how religious traditions guide the way people live their lives in an ever-increasingly diverse and religiously pluralistic world. Investigations will include both historical studies and the writings of religious traditions.

RELCS 131 Religion in America (4 Credits)

Exploration of religion in America from the pre-colonial era to the present. Emphases will vary, drawing from a variety of religious communities (including Puritan, Native American, Muslim, Buddhist, African American, Hindu, Evangelical, Catholic, and Neo-Pagan) and issues (such as civil rights, "cults", church/state, gender, race, and ethnicity).

RELCS 189 Religion and Popular Culture (4 Credits)

This course analyzes the inter-connectedness of religion and popular culture and what it can tell us about the nature of religion in America.

Applied Wisdom Institute - Mental Health and Spirituality (URAWI)

URAWI 501X Spirituality in Mental Health (0-2 Credits)

Learn concepts and strategies for understanding and integrating spirituality in mental health services for mental health professionals, clinical chaplains, community leaders, and others. Topics include understanding of cultural frameworks, multi-faith and interfaith frameworks, implicit biases, and working with instead of solving for diverse communities.

URAWI 502X Paradigms of Healing and Wholeness (0-2 Credits)

Explores a range of paradigms for human healing and wholeness, inspired by diverse spiritual traditions (e.g., Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist, Native American, Sufi) and clinical frameworks (e.g., meaning-based therapy, Jungian depth psychology, inner cultivation of compassion and mindfulness). Emphasis is on experiential application of concepts and practice.

URAWI 503X Integrating Spirituality in Clinical Practice (0-2 Credits)

Students learn to utilize spirituality informed strategies and techniques to assess spiritual distress, guide treatment planning, implement appropriate evidenced-based interventions and evaluate therapeutic outcomes. Course is Practitioner focused and designed to develop clinical skills integrating spiritual issues in therapy.

URAWI 504X Bi-Polar Faith (0-2 Credits)

Learn concepts and strategies for providing spiritual care, mental health guidance, and culturally sensitive training for groups that seek to provide access to care. Topics include intertwining of familial, social, and spiritual issues; living with Bi-Polar disorder; finding, providing, and/or receiving resources; collaboration, and community; and forgiveness vs. reconciliation post-trauma.

URAWI 505X Spirituality in Bereavement (0-2 Credits)

Gain academic training to supplement the practical experience of providing clinical, palliative, and hospice care to those who are dying and those who survive the dying, shifting from best intention to best practices. Topics include types of grief, possible psychological and spiritual complications in grieving and rituals in grieving.

URAWI 506X Spiritual Journeys in Chronic Illness (0 Credits)

Learn, practice, and develop best practices for palliative caregivers, medical practitioners, interfaith chaplains, and more in dealing with issues of chronic illness, spirituality, and survival. Topics include understanding how age, degrees of function, and grief interplay in well-being.