Degree Program

The Spatial Studies Minor

Spatial thinking skills cut across disciplinary divides and facilitate a rich interdisciplinary approach. So the Spatial Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary program that helps you develop these unifying skills, apply them across the disciplines. Through your choice of electives, you can design a course of study that ideally complements or integrates with your own major.


Students minoring in Spatial Studies complete six courses totaling 22-24 units of study while completing the following requirements.

  • I. Two Core courses, ideally to be completed before the end of the sophomore year but can be taken at any point:

    • SPA 100 – Foundations of Spatial Thinking

    • SPA 110 (or EVST 110) – Introduction to Spatial Analysis and GIS

  • II. Four Elective Courses, taken from at least two of the following categories:

    • Physical World

    • Culture and Communities

    • Methods and Representations

    • At least two of the electives must be taken at the 200-level or higher.
  • III. Student Portfolio Students submit a portfolio of course work featuring spatial analysis in the spring semester of their senior year.