Degree Programs

The Major

Bachelor of Arts

Majors must complete a  minimum of 10 courses in psychology, seven of which must be in residence, senior capstone  and a psychology exit exam.

Students are required to complete the following courses: PSYC 100, PSYC 250, and PSYC 300.

Students can declare the major after completion of PSYC 100 (with a minimum grade of 2.7), PSYC 250 (with a minimum grade of 2.0), and one additional psychology course with a combined 2.3 GPA across their Psychology courses. Transfer students are expected to meet the same prerequisites and GPA standards as students in residence.

We strongly advise students to complete all their courses no later than their junior year. PSYC 100 should ideally be taken in the first year, followed by PSYC 250 and PSYC 300 by the end of year three.

All prerequisite courses must be taken for a numerical grade. Students must earn a minimum grade of 2.7 in PSYC 100 for it to serve as a prerequisite for other PSYC courses. Students must also earn a minimum grade of 2.0 in PSYC 250 and PSYC 300 for these courses to serve as prerequisites for upper level courses.

Majors must also complete a minimum of three courses from each of the following categories:

1. Intermediate courses-PSYC 210, PSYC 220, PSYC 252, PSYC 260, PSYC 320, PSYC 335, PSYC 343, PSYC 344, PSYC 349, PSYC 350, PSYC 352, PSYC 355, PSYC 360.

2. Advanced Courses- PSYC 435, PSYC 439, PSYC 440, PSYC 441, PSYC 445, PSYC 447, PSYC 448, PSYC 450, PSYC 452, PSYC 460. These courses generally have an empirical component involving data collection, analysis, interpretation, and a written report.

3. Elective- Students may select the tenth course from any 3 to 4 unit course in psychology. This may also include the cross-listed courses BIOL 104, BIOL 326, and BUS 430.

4. Capstone-In addition to these 10 courses, students must complete at least one semester of PSYC 473 (Senior Seminar) or PSYC 475 (Research Capstone) or PSYC 487 (Senior Field Placement) or Departmental Honors.

5. Exit exam- Students must complete the psychology exit exam (PSYC 490) during the last semester before they graduate.

Students planning to study abroad should contact their advisor early to coordinate this experience with the major program sequence. The department supports and encourages cross-cultural studies.

The Minor

The minor in psychology consists of a minimum of six courses, four of which should be in residence. It is recommended that students take PSYC 100 first, as it is a prerequisite for most psychology classes. PSYC 250 and 300 are not required for the minor, however, they are prerequisites for all 400-level courses.

Departmental Honors

Departmental honors in Psychology is available for exceptionally able and motivated students. Receipt of honors requires the completion of a major scholarly project (i.e., largely independent under the supervision of faculty), representing a culmination of scholarly activity within the major. Honors may be awarded to students who declare themselves in their junior year, are approved by department faculty as candidates, and who successfully complete an honors project judged to be outstanding by the student's honors committee.

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