Bachelor of Arts

General Philosophy Major Requirements

The general philosophy major consists of eleven courses in philosophy, or ten courses in philosophy and one (only) of the following courses: POLI 212 Classical Political Thought or POLI 214 Modern Political Thought.

Students majoring in philosophy must also complete the following requirements:

Philosophical Conversations

a. Historical Foundations of Western Philosophy
Take one of the following: PHIL 200 or PHIL 205

b. Non-Western Philosophy
Take one of the following: PHIL 301, PHIL 302, PHIL 303

Value and Action

Complete two courses chosen from PHIL 210-229 and PHIL 310-329

Nature and Knowledge

Complete 2 courses chosen from PHIL 230-249 and 330-339


Complete PHIL 350


Complete PHIL 460 Advanced Seminar
All students should enroll in an Advanced Seminar during the fall semester of the senior year.


Complete 3 additional Philosophy courses

An appropriate PHIL 260, 360, or 460 topics course can count towards satisfying the Philosophical Conversation, Value and Action, or Nature and Knowledge requirements, with chair approval. A minimum of 19 credits must be completed at the 300-level or above.