Alumni Profiles

Here are the stories of some of our graduates' paths to employment after college and their accounts of how studying Philosophy helped them to get there.

Stefano Molea


My time as a philosophy student at the University of Redlands taught me to look beyond what is simply in front of me. Digging past the surface of a concept to discover its various tunnels and origins has helped me tremendously in my work as a criminal defense lawyer. Most importantly, philosophy stretches your mind and perspective, and within that valley creativity is bred. There have been many occasions where providing a different perspective to one small fact helped change the entire narrative of a case. Pragmatically, the philosophy training I received helped develop necessary critical thinking and writing skills. Both as a student of philosophy and the law, you must be prepared to dissect an idea, explain it in a digestible form, and persuasively state your position. As a criminal defense lawyer, I implement these skills every day in front of judges, juries and clients. 

Olivia  Tassinari


After graduating with a B.A in Religious Studies and honors in Philosophy from the U of R in 2017, I began the journey of connecting with philosophies that I resonated with around the world. I ventured to Peru, where I studied yoga and received a yoga instructor certification. Following that, I moved to Japan where I taught yoga and English for two years. During my time there, I visited Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, intertwining myself with some of the religions and philosophies that I loved best. Post Japan, I felt that it was time for my voice to be heard. With the skills of creative thinking, curiosity driven research, and passionate writing that the U of R Philosophy department helped me develop, I created my own women’s wellness business called, “The Lilith Brand” ( This business is a platform that offers safe and healing offerings for women to feel empowered in today’s world. 

Overall, I have used the tools gained at the U of R to make an impact in the world within the niche that I am most passionate about: women’s wellness and female empowerment. The U of R Philosophy department equipped me with the lifetime passion of learning, as well as the confidence to go out in the world, observe what ideas are already present, and to make my own connections and share my unique voice.”