Degree Programs

The Major

Bachelor of Arts

For the French major, students must complete 36 credits beyond FREN 102. Sixteen credits must be taken in residence with department faculty. At least 12 of these credits in residence must be taken in courses numbered 400 or above.

A semester at the Institute of European Studies, in either Paris or Nantes, is recommended in the junior year. In addition to its own diversified offerings, the institute makes it possible for students having the proper degree of proficiency to register at the universities of Paris and Nantes, as well as the Ecole du Louvre, the Institut Catholique, and the Institut d’Etudes Politiques.

The Minor

A minor in French requires twenty-eight credits beyond FREN 102. Students starting at the third-year level or beyond are considered to have completed eight of these credits. These exempted credits apply only to the minor and not to the 128 total credits required for graduation. Students also are required to take at least one 400-level course (for four credits) in residence with department faculty.




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