Degree Programs

The department provides students with the tools to analyze complex environmental problems and contribute to their solutions. Three majors are offered; a bachelor of arts in environmental studies, a bachelor of science in environmental science, and a bachelor of science in sustainable business. All three majors integrate social, ethical, and environmental science understandings of environmental issues. Environmental Studies majors examine the social, economic and political aspects of environmental issues, Environmental Science majors study the ecological, geological, chemical, and physical sciences to provide a quantitative understanding of environmental issues, and Sustainable Business majors integrate environmental challenges with successful business strategy and management practices. Capstone requirements and honors opportunities are the same for all three degrees and are found under the bachelor of science. A minor in a supporting field highly recommended, for example, spatial studies or environmental chemistry for the major in environmental science, or business administration for the major in environmental studies. The Sustainable Business degree contains the Business Administration minor embedded within it.

Students entering the major are expected to have a 2.3 cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale. Transfer students are expected to have a 2.3 average from their previous school(s).

Students who entered before Fall 2016 should carefully consult the appropriate catalog.



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