Degree Programs

The department provides students with the tools to analyze complex environmental problems and contribute to their solutions. Two majors are offered; a bachelor of arts in environmental studies, and a bachelor of science in environ­mental science. Both majors integrate social, ethical, and environmental science understand­ings of environmental issues. Environmental Studies majors emphasize the social aspects of environmental issues, while Environmental Science majors emphasize the ecological, geo­logical, chemical, and physical aspects of envi­ronmental issues. Capstone requirements and honors opportunities are the same for the bach­elor of arts and the bachelor of science and are found under the bachelor of arts.

Students entering the major are expected to have a 2.3 cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale. Transfer students are expected to have a 2.3 average from their previous school(s).

Students who entered before Fall 2016 should carefully consult the appropriate catalog.



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