Degree Programs

The Major

The required courses are designed to help students acquire a sensitivity to linguistic nuance and power, and an ability to communicate persuasively.  

Bachelor of Arts

Requirements: Minimum of 11 courses
There are four core courses required for the English Literature major; two taken at the sophomore level, one at the junior level, one at the senior level:

  • ENGL 201 Critical Reading

  • ENGL 202 Texts and Contexts

  • ENGL 303 Literary Criticism and Theory

  • ENGL 420 Senior Seminar in Literature


In addition to these four courses, majors will choose (in consultation with their advisors) seven courses from department offerings that will broaden and deepen their literary studies. At least one course from these seven should be devoted to literature prior to 1800, and at least four of them must be at the 300 level or above.

The Minor

This minor is designed for the student who wishes to read, discuss, and enjoy novels, plays, stories, poetry, and literary theory as part of a broad liberal education. The minor in English Literature consists of a minimum of 24 credits:

  • ENGL 201 or ENGL 202, plus one additional 200 level course

  • Four courses in literature numbered 300 or above. Please consult with a departmental advisor or the department chair in choosing these classes.



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