Program Learning Outcomes - Creative Writing

Bachelor of Arts

  1. Reading and Analysis: Through coursework and in consultation with their advisors, creative writers encounter a wide range of literature. They are able to raise and engage questions of justice, value, and meaning raised   by literary texts, and understand how texts can produce multiple readings.
  2. Invention and Craft: Through their own writing and in workshops, students encounter and employ the components of a writer’s craft: prosody, narrative strategies, forms, genres, and aesthetics. As they progress through workshops in various genres, students encounter increasing levels of difficulty. They learn to negotiate intention, aptitude, and effort, and acknowledge that a similar struggle faces other writers.
  3. Technical Competence: Through their own writing and in workshops, students develop fluency as writers, learn to self-edit and identify grammar issues, and recognize that there are resources available to them beyond the ones provided in class. They understand and demonstrate the habits of professional writers, including revision, developing community, public reading, and submission for publication. 

Curriculum Map