Accountants in Action


Accounting majors are involved in the full spectrum of campus activities. As many as half of our majors are on sports teams including golf, tennis, football, basketball, softball, baseball, soccer, track, swimming, water polo and volleyball. Others are involved in music performance and dance. 

Community Involvement

Our majors volunteer in the community as tutors, resident advisors, campus tour guides and many are Spanish, Economics, GIS and Math teaching assistants. 


Most Accounting majors seek out leadership roles, serving as officers in student government, a variety of campus clubs, and sororities and fraternities. They participate in the Student Investment Fund, where they make decisions with a real dollar impact on the University's endowment. And, through the Redlands Accounting Society, they help each other through the accounting major and recruiting process. 

Study Abroad

In the past two years, accounting majors have taken advantage of study abroad opportunities in China, Paris, London and Barcelona.