Accounting Careers

Redlands Accounting students go on to great careers.  Over the last five years, within months of graduation, close to 90% of B.S. Accounting graduates begin professional work at public accounting firms that provide training rivaling the value of advanced degrees, all while you start earning a salary. 

About half of our students have signed contracts with firms before returning for their senior year; many sign a contract during senior year.  Others find their start in investment firms, private companies, or government.  Still others opt for law school or Master's of Taxation programs. 

CPA Licensure

CPA Licensure opens doors to great opportunity. Most of our students graduate with the 150 units they will need to be licensed as CPA's, bypassing any need for a fifth year Master's degree and the tuition that comes with it.  Many sit for the CPA exam the summer after graduation and, by summer's end, have met all but one of the criteria (one year work experience) needed to be licensed as a CPA.  

For more information, please download the Cal CPA Licensing Applicant Handbook and CPA Licensure Self-Assessment Worksheet