The Major

The accounting major provides an opportunity to extend academic skills developed in the Liberal Arts Foundation to prepare for a specific professional career. Accounting coursework emphasizes critical analysis, problem-solving, reasoning and communication. Internet research, writing and presentation skills are developed across the program. 

The accounting major covers financial accounting for external reports, managerial accounting for internal decisions, auditing for assurance services and tax for regulatory accounting. Completion of the accounting major lays the foundation for obtaining professional designations such as Certified Public Accountant and Certified Management Accountant. In addition to preparing students for entry into the accounting profession, the accounting major also provides a foundation for pursuing careers in finance, investments, management, FBI and the law.

Accounting is presented as a process of developing and reporting economic and financial information for a wide range of business, not-for-profit and government entities. The usefulness of accounting information is illustrated and its interpretation is stressed.

Accounting coursework usually begins in the sophomore year but anticipates completion of several introductory related field courses. Students considering an accounting major should consult an accounting faculty member early in their Redlands careers because completion of the major requires careful planning, especially if a student plans a semester abroad. The optimal time for a semester abroad is during the sophomore year. Potential transfer students should contact an accounting faculty member as special planning might be necessary.

The Minor

A minor in accounting can provide a foundation for careers in general business, government, investment management and finance. Students who choose to minor in accounting must complete 23-24 credits of the following accounting courses: ACCT 210, 220, 310, and three additional accounting courses selected from the following: ACCT 320, 330, 411, 440, 415, 416, or 421.