Student Project Gallery

All students in the MS GIS program must complete a Major Individual Project (MIP) that addresses the needs of a real-world client. The project is comprehensive and involves requirements analysis, database and systems design, software development, systems implementation, and eventual deployment. This is the professional equivalent of an academic masters thesis. Our graduates have completed their MIPs to solve various spatial problems using cutting-edge GIS technologies and advanced analytical skills. Part of recent MIPs are available online through InSPIRe@Redlands. A readership map of the MIPs is here.

Below are a few examples from the past MIPs.

Miller, B. (2016). A Cartographic Standard for Hopi Archaeological Site.

Karagulle, D. (2015). Automated Hammond Global Landform Classification.

Gremling, N. (2014). Integrating Social Media and GIS to Promote Art Events.

Webster, B. (2014). Emergency Siren Coverage and Optimization Analysis.