MBA Concentration in Global Business

Trends in the international economy have made it essential for businesses—both multinational and domestic—to be responsive to challenges and opportunities originating abroad. The focus of the Redlands MBA with a concentration in Global Business is to prepare students to analyze the reasons behind the movement of goods, services, labor, capital, and production between nations and the implications of government and business policies.

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Program Length

12-24 months
9-12 courses
36-48 credits


Global Business
Healthcare Administration
Human Resources
Location Analytics
Organizational Leadership

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Completing this concentration will give Redlands MBA students a greater understanding of the following:

  • International operations
  • Multinational corporations and economic integration
  • Global financial markets
  • Cross-cultural marketing
  • Global business strategies

More than 90% of University of Redlands MBA graduates agree that their global perspectives and competencies have improved as a result of the program.

Required Coursework

In addition to the core and foundational MBA coursework, students completing the MBA with a concentration in Global Business will need to complete the following elective courses:

INTB 655: Global Environment for Business (4)

Exploration of the theoretical and practical concepts of geopolitical and economic relations to evaluate the effects of globalization on business. Focus is on evaluating and formulating strategic responses to diverse political, economic, and social factors regarding the risks they present for international trade and investment, resource allocation decisions, and organizational structures. This course may be substituted with INTB 670: International Area Studies (Study Abroad).

INTB 694: Global Marketing (4)

Exploration of and application of marketing concepts to the demands and conditions of the global marketplace. Critical evaluation of the marketing challenges presented by the increased exposure of individuals, businesses, and governments to international market forces. May be substituted by INTB 670 International Area Studies (Study Abroad).

INTB 693: Global Finance (4)

Study and application of finance in the global arena. Focus of critical attention on how financial strategies, risk, tools, investments, theories, and institutions work in a global context. May be substituted by INTB 670 International Area Studies (Study Abroad).

INTB 690: Global Business Operations (4)

Advanced analysis of the causes that motivate businesses to establish operations on a global scale, the application of effective techniques to manage these activities and their financial consequences, and the integration of global operations decisions across business functions.