Accelerated Master’s Degree Programs

As an undergraduate student in the University of Redlands College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), you can earn your bachelor’s degree and a Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA), or Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) in as few as five "4+1" years through the Redlands School of Business & Society accelerated master’s degree programs.

Whether you’re studying chemistry, creative writing, or computer science, students of every discipline can benefit from the critical thinking, leadership skills, and business and financial acumen that come from an MBA, MSBA, or MSOL degree.

Through our accelerated MBA, MSBA, or MSOL program, you can earn a graduate-level business degree in less time and save up to 40 percent off the standard tuition rates.

“As an individual with my undergraduate degree in biology, I had little to no formal business education. The University of Redlands MBA program provided me with a comprehensive scope of knowledge to help me in my career development and broadened my future potential opportunities.”

Shane Kropp, ’15, MBA
Scientist, AbbVie

4 + 1 Accelerated MBA Program

Earn a Redlands MBA while pursuing your undergraduate degree. You’ll acquire valuable skills and experience in management and organizational behavior, accounting and finance, and marketing and communication, as well as a global perspective desired by businesses and organizations of every size.


4 + 1 Accelerated MSBA Program

Earning the MSBA can help you harness the power of business analytics while pursuing your undergraduate degree, allowing you to develop meaningful insights, make effective decisions, and stand out from the competition in an increasingly data-driven world.


4 + 1 Accelerated MSOL Program

Earning the MSOL degree can help you develop the organizational leadership skills needed to manage teams, provide leadership training and executive coaching to help companies succeed, or serve as a business or organizational leader.


Whether you choose to work for a global corporation, government agency, or nonprofit organization, or take the entrepreneurial path, adding an MBA or MSBA degree to your undergraduate degree can enhance your professional development and career opportunities.

Redlands networkAs a Redlands School of Business & Society student, you are welcomed by a 30,000+ alumni network and are invited and encouraged to attend speakers series, events, and activities on a range of contemporary business topics.