Student Excellence Awards

The Center for Spatial Business recognizes outstanding undergraduate and graduate students at the Redlands School of Business & Society who demonstrate excellence while pursuing their studies in business geographic information systems (GIS).

Undergraduate Awards for Excellence in Business GIS

The Center for Spatial Business Undergraduate Award for Excellence in Business GIS honors outstanding course projects submitted by students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Business program core course BUSB 433 (GIS for Business).
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Graduate Award for Excellence in Business GIS

The Center for Spatial Business Graduate Award for Excellence in Business GIS honors outstanding course projects submitted by students enrolled in the MBA program’s Location Analytics concentration.
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The honoraria awarded to students are courtesy of donations provided by the University of Redlands School of Business & Society alumnus Kazuo ‘Kaz’ Takeda, former manager of industrial engineering at Disneyland Resort. Takeda’s donations are a result of Disneyland Resort’s  Ears to You grants. His continued support and generosity enable recognition of high-quality student work in the area of business GIS.

CSB Student Excellence Award Recipients

Get a glimpse of the students and the projects that merited past Student Excellence Awards.

2021 Undergraduate

Tricia Methe ’21
Bachelor of Science in BusinessTricia Methe
This project used GIS to visualize the program for support of homeless youth in the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District. Using federal data, homeless youth were identified by location and their geographic patterns analyzed relative to low-income areas and to school sites in the district, verifying there were homeless youth within every school area.

Mercedez Speaker ’21
Bachelor of Science in BusinessMercedez Speaker
This project analyzed the sales potential of residential properties in areas of Redlands/Loma Linda with lower population densities. It created a new spatial approach that drew on data including debt, home equity, and turnover rate to narrow the target, leading to smart map targeting to identify the property within the low-density areas of the cities with the best potential to be sold.
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Chris Wasson ’21
Bachelor of Science in BusinessChris Wasson
This project addressed how to improve locational choices in the musical instrument retail industry to gain competitive advantage. It focused on how a major retailer, the Guitar Center, could strategically locate new retail stores in Southern California by using a geofencing strategy to reduce lost sales and increase competitiveness.
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Jordan Gomez, Tridev Raut, and Gerardo Unzueta ’21
MBA, GIS Emphasis
This project developed an information product that can support engineering staff in network-staking design and conduit mapping for a fiber network, leading to the spatial mapping of the optimal arrangement of fiber links and network assets. It showed efficiency in network processing and included a database model, migration plan, analysis workflow implications, and a risk assessment framework.
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2018 Undergraduate

Jason Wolff ’18
Bachelor of Science in BusinessJason Wolff
This project explored the use of GIS applications to facilitate informed decision-making on strategies to improve sales revenue. It focused on a local small business that sells mission-critical data storage components. Two strategies for expansion were proposed detailing how GIS can be used to gain knowledge about the target region in which to execute the plans.
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2018 Graduate

Daniela Belsaguy, Mickey Bentancourt, and Robert Peng ’18
MBA, GIS Emphasis
This project identified a specific business problem affecting the East Valley Water District. Through geographic information system (GIS) concepts and Cityworks Asset Management Software, it then created a strategic plan to enhance the district’s asset management initiatives.
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2017 Undergraduate

Bethany Sloan ’17
Bachelor of Science in Business Bethany Sloan
This project provided information on her small firm’s online business customers located across the United States. It successfully geo-referenced the 500 retailers that make direct purchases of her products—in other words, the firm’s customer base. That allowed it to spatially analyze and gain greater understanding of the firm’s customer base data.

Jonathan Hrovat ’17
Bachelor of Science in Business Jonathan Hrovat
This project performed a spatial analysis of a very large dataset of micro loans provided by to impoverished borrowers worldwide. Very large data sets were mapped to see and interpret the spatial trends for Kiva’s lenders and discover more effective approaches to supporting micro finance. More detailed analysis of loans in Kenya were made by proximity to food, agriculture, irrigation, and population.

2017 Graduate

Zaid Alsaadeh, Charles Anderson, Tanya D. Bonelli, and Brittany Miller ’17
MBA, GIS Emphasis
This project used GIS to identify gap opportunities for a small luxury greeting card firm. A GIS application was developed to identify customers with preferred attributes and geographically located prime Southern California market areas by ZIP codes. Ideal store locations were chosen based on detailed mapping of greeting card consumption, wealthy incomes, and drive-time distances.

2016 Undergraduate

Jeremy Young ’16Jeremy YoungBachelor of Science in Business
This project reviewed the process of creating a new GIS application along with the benefits of spatially analyzing a new location for the Yo-Way Eatery restaurant.
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Tony Molnar ’16 Tony Molnar
Bachelor of Science in Business
This project analyzed strategic dispatch operations using GIS for M3 Mechanical, a mechanical and electrical contracting business.
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2016 Graduate

Jeffrey Bertotti, David Crawford, and Lisa M. Lee ’16
MBA, GIS Emphasis
This project produced a marketing plan targeting the senior population for Planet Fitness using GIS and ESRI Tapestry Segmentation.
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2015 Undergraduate

Christopher Bubela ’15
Bachelor of Science in Business Christopher Bubela
This project described the framework for a GIS-based quality analysis tool using ESRI’s ArcGIS Desktop that can be utilized by TRDI’s customers, marketing, and engineers. It also illustrated an example of GIS analysis for measurement and processing of quality data.

Jessica Rosales ’15
MBA, GIS Emphasis Jessica Rosales
This project examined the process of choosing an overseas career opportunity based on a set of criteria that was benchmarked against the United States. Information used in the decision-making process was shown via maps and charts.
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2013 Undergraduate

April Hopps ’13
Bachelor of Science in Business
This project studied workplace transportation improvements at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Norco, California.
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2013 Graduate

Steven Moore ’13
MBA, GIS Emphasis Steven Moore
This project analyzed the spatial extent of the steel production industry, examined how it has changed globally in recent years, described important related industries, and explained how the steel industry interacts with those other industries.
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2012 Undergraduate

Aaron Bishop ’12
Bachelor of Science in Business Aaron Bishop
This project designed a not-for-profit business model describing how to use Google Earth, U.S. Census data, ArcGIS Online, and Ushahidi’s Crowdmap to provide vital geospatial services to families in search of missing persons.
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Betty Crocker ’12
Bachelor of Science in Business Betty Crocker
This project used ArcGIS and Tapestry Segment data to visually inspect locations for Southeast Asia parents who wanted to send their children to the United States for education.
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