Organizational Houses

Greek houses are residential options owned and operated by the Univeristy for students who are members of Greek organizations. Below is a list of organizations currently with houses:

  • Alpha Chi Delta - 1275 Brockton Ave 
  • Alpha Sigma Pi - 543 Cook Street
  • Alpha Theta Phi - 1262 Sylvan Blvd.
  • Alpha Xi Omicron - 1016 Colton Avenue (Billings House)
  • Beta Lambda - 537 Cook Street
  • Chi Rho Psi - 1035 Colton Avenue (Merit House)
  • Chi Sigma Chi - 1245 Sylvan Blvd.
  • Delta Kappa Psi - 1134 Sylvan Blvd.
  • Kappa Pi Zeta - 549 Cook Street
  • Kappa Sigma Sigma - 1235 Sylvan Blvd.
  • Phi Mu Alpha - 1150 Sylvan Blvd.
  • Pi Chi - 1201 Sylvan Blvd.
  • WRW - 1152 Sylvan Blvd.

All Greek residents and organizational members are responsible for the rules and regulations of the University of Redlands. These include the Code of Community Standards, Room and Board contract and other policies. There is also an additional Organization Housing, Handbook and Contract Supplement (thorough review in progress, Fall 2018) to provide information specific to houses. Any requests to make changes to an organizational house, such as New Member house improvement projects, proposed upgrades, etc., must be submitted in advance for approval by the organization, Residence Life and Housing, and Facilities Management on the MyRedlands Housing Portal.


2022-2023 Organizational House Correspondence