Message on 05/23:Org. House May Term Closing Updates from Residence Life and Housing

Hello Bulldogs,  

As a supplement to the May Term Closing Updates from Residence Life and Housing correspondence, we want to share some important information regarding the process of checking out of your room. Please review all the information below thoroughly, as many of your questions will be answered.  

Ensure a Proper Organizational House Check-out  

  • Pick up an Express Check-out envelope from the Student Affairs Office and familiarize yourself with the prompts.  
  • Make sure all personal items are removed from drawers, walls, and doors including removing any adhesive substances.  
  • Thoroughly clean your room by dusting all surfaces, including the interior of all drawers, and sweeping all floors, including under furniture and in the bathroom.  
  • Thoroughly clean your bathroom(s), including the countertops and shower.  
  • Remove trash and unwanted items from the room to the dumpster and remember to clean and leave behind the trash can and recycling bins.  
  • Submit all facilities work orders before you leave.  
  • Your room will be checked after your departure to assess any damage, so it is vital you lock your door.  
  • Fill out the Express Check-out envelope, enclose your keys, and return it to the Student Affairs Office by Saturday, June 1st at 2:00PM. The Student Affairs Office is open Monday- Thursday 8:00AM-5:00PM and Friday 8:00AM-12:00pm  
  • Public Safety is no longer accepting keys, and it is important that you turn them in to Student Affairs. Failure to turn in keys by the deadline will result in an improper check out.  

House Closing Expectations  

Prior to leaving the organizational house, make sure your room, the front and back yards, and common areas are left clean and trash free. Remove all food items from the kitchen and refrigerator. Remember, residents will be charged for trash and non-University items left in the house or outside in the organization's yard. The University is not liable for lost, damaged, or stolen items left in the yards, or in the house. Houses may not be used for storage.  


Facilities Management, Residence Life and Housing, and Student Involvement and Success took an inventory of each house prior to move-in day, during Winter Break, and will do so again at the end of Spring and May Term. Please keep in mind that at the end of the year, members of the organization will be billed collectively for any unusual damage to the house's common spaces, while residents will be charged individually for any unusual damage to their room. If you are aware of any unusual damage that will result in a charge, we encourage you to reach out to to discuss next steps. Any damages without a responsible party will automatically be divided and charged to the active members of the organization.

Should you have any questions, please contact Residence Life and Housing at 

Residence Life and Housing