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The 2024-2025 Off Campus Petition Process for Returning Students closed on March 8th, 2024

Off-campus Petition Process

Residential Requirement

The University is a residential campus, and all students are required to live on-campus during the duration of their undergraduate experience. The University remains committed to the residential experience and, therefore, requires most undergraduate students to live on campus. It is for these reasons, the only petitions reviewed for off-campus status are those that have met one of the exemptions below. 

Residential Requirement Exemption Criteria

  • the student consistently resides with a parent/ legal guardian within 30 miles of campus at all times; 
  • the student, per the University Registrar, is attending part-time (not applicable for May Term);
  • the student is younger than 16, or 23 years of age or older by Fall move in day; 
  • the student is legally married, in a registered domestic partnership, or has a dependent

Off-campus Petition Process

  • Students will submit their petition to live off campus to be reviewed by Residence Life and Housing 
  • Residence Life and Housing will verify information provided on the petition i.e. phone calls, proof of residency, proof of guardianship 
  • 2-3 weeks after the deadline, students will receive outcome 

A student who would like to live off-campus at any point during the following academic year must submit an Off Campus Petition by the published deadline. Petitions will not be considered at any other time. In other words, to live off campus during the fall semester, spring semester, May Term, returning from abroad or returning from a Leave of Absence a student must submit their petition by the published deadline. Petitions will not be accepted or considered outside the Housing Selection and Placement Process. 

Failure to submit a petition by the deadline as a part of the annual Housing Selection and Placement Process (new students using the New/Transfer Student Housing Intention Form), renders the student ineligible for consideration, even if they meet one of the criteria, until the following academic year. If a student fails to submit a petition by the deadline or their petition is denied, the student will be financially responsible for future room and board fees, whether or not they choose to live on-campus and/or use the meal plan. Under no circumstance should a student commit, in any way, to live off-campus without an exemption to the University’s residential requirement. Students will not be exempt should they choose to sign a lease despite the absence of prior approval. 

Once a student receives written approval from Residence Life and Housing to live off-campus, they are approved to do so during their time at Redlands, without the need to petition again, unless approval is revoked due to violations of the Code of Community Standards. The exemption is contingent upon good academic and social (conduct) standing. If at any time, however, a student wishes to return to on-campus living, they can notify Residence Life and Housing at to make housing arrangements based on current or future availability.  

There is no appeal for this process. Once a decision is rendered, students must wait until the following spring to submit a new petition for the following academic year. 

Financial Concerns 

If a student is concerned about the cost of living on campus, they are encouraged to meet with Student Financial Services. Please note, the SFS Special Circumstance Appeal does not impact the outcome of a students off campus petition, but rather can provide financial support for those in need. 

Housing Accommodations 

Students who, because of a documented disability, need an on-campus housing accommodation(s) should complete an Accommodation Request available through Academic Success and Accessibility. Once granted, the accommodation remains on file and is provided priority based on availability, for the duration of the need determined at the time of approval.  The diverse options available to students living in residence allow the University to support the majority of accommodation requests; therefore, such requests are not intended to serve as a request to live off-campus and should not be submitted as such.