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Off-campus Petition Process

Residential Requirement for CAS Undergraduates

At the University of Redlands, living on-campus in a residential community is an important and valuable part of the undergraduate student experience.  Engaging with others from diverse backgrounds provides opportunities for students to develop relationship and communication skills, both of which play a vital role in their academic and social development; therefore, residing on campus, from initial enrollment to graduation, is required of all College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) undergraduate students.

Residential Requirement Exemption Criteria

Requests to be exempted from the CAS undergraduate residential requirement will only be considered for those who submit an Off-campus Petition, by the published deadline, when at least one of the following criteria apply:

  1. the student resides with a parent/legal guardian within 30 miles of campus;
  2. the student, per the University Registrar, is attending part-time;
  3. the student is younger than 16, or older than 23 (by Fall move-in day) , years of age;
  4. the student is legally married or in a registered domestic partnership or have a dependant.

Off-campus Petition Process

Unless a student receives official written notification from Residence Life and Housing (RLH) that their petition request has been approved, they must participate in the Housing Selection and Placement Process (HSPP). Under no circumstance should a student commit, in any way, to live off-campus without an exemption to the University’s residential requirement. Students will not be exempt should they choose to sign a lease despite the absence of prior approval.

To be considered for approval to live off-campus, qualifying students must submit an Off-campus Petition along with documented proof of the criteria that applies. Failure to submit a petition by the deadline as a part of the annual Housing Selection and Placement Process (new students using the New/Transfer Student Housing Intention Form), renders the student ineligible for consideration, even if they meet one of the criteria, until the following academic year.

A student who would like to live off-campus at any point during the following academic year must submit an Off-campus Petition by the published deadline. In other words, even if a student does not want to live off-campus until the following spring semester (e.g. after returning from studying abroad), they must petition the year before. Petitions will not be accepted or considered outside the Housing Selection and Placement Process.

If a student is granted an off-campus exemption, they must provide the address of their off-campus residency to RLH by July 1st and keep it updated at all times. Once a student is approved to live off-campus, they are approved to do so permanently, without the need to petition again, unless approval is revoked due to violations of the Code of Community Standards. The exemption is contingent upon good academic and social (conduct) standing. If at any time, however, a student wishes to return to on-campus living, they can notify Residence Life and Housing at to make housing arrangements based on current or future availability. 

If a student is concerned about the cost of living on campus, they are encouraged to complete the Student Financial Services (SFS) Special Circumstance Appeal Form. This allows the applicant to provide current financial information, which may differ from what was reported at the time the FAFSA was completed, to Student Financial Services.  Special Circumstance Appeals are reviewed by a financial aid committee, who may adjust your eligibility for aid or provide additional payment options.  The SFS Special Circumstance Appeal does not impact the outcome of a student’s off campus petition, but rather can provide financial support for those in need.

Students who, because of a documented disability, need an on-campus housing accommodation(s) should complete an Accommodation Request available through Academic Success and Disability Services by published deadlines. Once granted, the accommodation remains on file and is provided priority based on availability, for the duration of the need determined at the time of approval.  The diverse options available to students living in residence allow the University to support the majority of accommodation requests; therefore, such requests are not intended to serve as a request to live off-campus and should not be submitted as such.

Off-campus Petition Instructions:

Returning students:  All returning students petitioning to live off-campus MUST complete the Off-campus Petition during the Housing Selection and Placement Process found on their MyRedlands Housing Portal under Applications and Forms.

New students: All new students petitioning to live off-campus MUST complete the optional off-campus questions included at the end of the New/Transfer Student Housing Intention Form. This is the only housing form needed for both on and off-campus consideration.

Appeals: There is no appeal for this process. Once a decision is rendered, students must wait until the following spring to submit a new petition for the following academic year.