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San Francisco Theological Seminary Housing FAQ

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1. What housing is available on campus?

The University prioritizes housing annually for SFTS students enrolled full-time in a SFTS degree program, their spouses and children. Admission to SFTS does not  guarantee housing, at the same time, applicants may be assured that every effort will be made to accommodate their housing needs.  

Housing eligibility is based on program duration: 

  • MATS students, 3 years 
  • MDiv students, 4 years 
  • DMin students, 5 years 

Students who are part time or who would like to stay in housing longer than these eligibility terms may petition the Senior Executive, Marin Campus,  She will confer with the Dean’s Office on a case by case basis. 

2. What are the rental rates?

SFTS student rental rates are set by The University Board of Trustees, at a rate that ensures affordable cost.  For ease of reference, these rates and deposit amounts can be found here.

Rents are paid monthly to EBMC by the first of each month. For the month(s) where the lease month may not be a full month, pro-rated rent is calculated. This is the rental amount divided by 30 (days) multiplied by the number of days under the rental agreement. All students are required to put down a deposit when moving into housing. All leases will have both move-in and move-out inspections at the beginning and end of their lease terms respectively. 

Once in housing, rent can be paid online through the property portal (credit card or bank connection) or alternatively a check can be sent directly to EBMC's head office in Rohnert Park.

3. How is housing managed?

Housing is managed by Eugene Burger Management Corporation (EBMC), who processes housing applications. You can reach out directly to the on-site housing manager from EBMC regarding the next semester housing or current housing availabilities. (Shaun, 

Housing applications must be submitted for each semester (Fall, Spring or Summer). Those students who submit a housing application after the deadline will be notified as to any remaining availabilities. Full-time students already in housing and continuing in a SFTS degree program, will be sent an online application and request for updated documents should a student wish to request future semesters in student housing.  

4. What are the deadlines and lease expectations?

Application deadlines:  

  • Fall housing – May 15
  • Spring housing – November 15, of the previous year 
  • Summer 2024 housing – March 15

EBMC will conduct relevant background checks and will make appropriate housing decisions in its review of student housing applications. All effort will be made when processing applications to help students, including contacting a student if we require further information or supporting documents. The student rental leases are fixed term in nature and terminate on the last day of the lease.  

5. Are animals allowed?

EBMC follows local and federal laws regarding emotional support and service animals, all students accepted for housing will have the opportunity to sign the relevant “Pet Addendum” that will be part of the lease agreement.  

6. What is included in the apartments?

All units are provided with refrigerators, microwaves, and stoves. The Student Village units have dishwashers and sink disposal units.  

Coin-operated laundry rooms are provided in each student building, except in a building where laundry hookups are available within a unit. Tenants are prohibited from bringing and installing washers, dryers, air- conditioners, and/or dishwashers in any apartment, except for units where appropriate washer/dryer connections are provided.  

SFTS does not provide furnished units. 

Gas and electric are included in rent for units in Oxtoby and Landon.  For all other housing units, residents are responsible for establishing and maintaining accounts with the local provider, PG&E.   Internet is not included in any unit type.