Meet the Orientation team

Orientation Leaders (OL's) will be your guide during NSO. Look out for an email from your OL prior to orientation with important information about NSO programs and events.

Meet the Orientation Coordinators

Kendall Bolock-420x420.jpg

Kendall Bolock '23

Major: English Literature and Education

Hi everyone my name is Kendall Bolock and I am a senior! I am majoring in English Literature, and I am a part of the School of Education. I am a member on the Women’s Tennis Team as well as being an orientation coordinator. This will be my second year participating in orientation and I am extremely excited to get to know you all!

Lis Walther-420x420.jpg

Lis Walther '23

Major: Studio Arts

Lis is a junior currently earning her BA in Studio Arts with a Graphic Design focus. She transferred to UoR in Fall of 2021 and currently serves as a Transfer Student Ambassador and Peer Mentor. She loves painting, drawing, crafting and baking. Currently, Lis lives in Mentone with her partner and their dog, Pancake.

Meet the Orientation Leaders

Alejandra Cordova-420x420.jpg

Alejandra Cordova '24

Major: Biochemistry
Minor: Spanish 

Alex Muyshondt

Alex Muyshondt '24

Major: Music Performance

Allison Meacham

Allison Meacham '23

Major: Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
Minor: Religion

Anna Fukuhara

Anna Fukuhara '23

Major: Psychology
Minor: Sociology & Anthropology 

Ashley Lopez-420x420.jpg

Ashley Lopez '23

Major: Health, Medicine, & Society 
Minor: Business Administration 

Ashlynn Yorgesen

Ashlynn Yorgesen '25

Major: Psychology

Brooke-Lynn Thomas

Brooke-Lynn Thomas '23

Major: Psychology
Minor: English Literature 

Chiara "KiKi" Semeraro

Chiara "KiKi" Semeraro '23

Major: Sociology & Anthropology 

David Tejo-Antonio

David Trejo-Antonio '24

Major: English Literature & Spanish
Minor: Religious Studies 

Elika Oakley

Elika Oakley '23

Major: HMS & Public Policy 

Ella Budington

Ella Budington '25

Major: Psychology

Erika Gonzalez

Erika Gonzalez '25

Major: Biology
Minor: Spanish

Erin Robles

Erin Robles '23

Major: Asian Studies & History

Gracelyn Jardine

Gracelyn Jardine '24

Major: Johnston Emphasis

Haylee Meissner

Haylee Meissner '23

Major: Chemistry
Minor: Trumpet Performance 

Itallethzi Frausto

Itallethzi Frausto '23

Major: Psychology
Minor: English 

Jade Rosales

Jade Rosales '25

Major: Race and Ethnic Studies & WGS
Minor: Spanish

Jay Arroyo

Jay Arroyo '24

Major: Theatre Arts

Jazmine Czubek

Jazmine Czubek '24

Major: Health, Medicine, & Society
Minor: Biology 

Jordyn Makapugay

Jordyn Makapugay '24

Major: Liberal Studies

Julia Balestreri

Julia Balestreri '23

Major: Biology
Minor: Chemistry

Kaitlynn Pierceall

Kaitlynn Pierceall '24

Major: Mathematics
Minor: Physical Education

Kamalei Foster

Kamalei Foster '25

Major: Psychology

Layla Gonzalez

Layla Gonzalez '23

Major: Media and Visual Culture Studies
Minor: Spanish

Makaley Montano

Makaley Montano '24

Major: History
Minor: Sociology

Marin Careway-420x420.jpg

Marin Careway '24

Major: Creative Writing and MVCS

Marina Wesel

Marina Wesel '23

Major: Environmental Science

Mayte Chavez

Mayte Chavez '25

Major: Communication Sciences & Disorders

Megan Peterson

Megan Peterson '23

Major: Biology

Mia Pavon

Mia Pavon '25

Major: Psychology & Spanish

Naomi Kolmer

Naomi Kolmer '25

Major: Environmental Science & Human-Animal Studies

Olivia Gordin

Olivia Gordin '23

Major: Psychology
Minor: Public Policy

Oluchi Nwosu

Oluchi Nwosu '23

Major: Communication, Sciences, and Disorders
Minor: Biology

Oneida Warren

Oneida Warren '24

Major: Health, Medicine, and Society & Spanish

Perla Barajas

Perla Barajas '24

Major: Theatre Business

Rebecca Leischner

Rebecca Leischner '23

Major: Psychology

Sabrina Song

Sabrina Song '24

Major: Sociology & Anthropology

Samantha Tejedacasti

Samantha Tejedacasti '25

Major: Business

Sarah Thomas

Sarah Thomas '24

Major: Liberal Studies & Spanish

Sarahi Velazquez

Sarahi Velazquez '23

Major: Liberal Studies & Spanish

Savannah Butak

Savannah Butak '23

Major: English Literature & MVCS
Minor: Asian Studies

Teya Starnes

Teya Starnes '24

Major: Creative Writing