First-Year Student Checklist

First-Year Student Checklist - Start Here!

New students welcome to the University of Redlands! This checklist is intended to help you prepare to join our community in the fall.  

Many items need to be submitted as part of the enrollment process after you have paid your admissions deposit and received your login information to the University’s portal, MyRedlands (call the Office of Admissions at 1-909-748-8074 with any questions about this step).

Please note the deadlines or complete these “to-dos” as early as possible.  Students will access these items via their Self-Service portal on MyRedlands.  Instructions on accessing the portal can be found near the bottom of the New Student Experience page.  

June-August To Dos

  • Academic Surveys
    These surveys provide us with the crucial information we need to complete your academic course registration and get you off to the best possible start to your academic career.
    • Every first-year student takes an immersive First Year Seminar (FYS) to explore across the liberal arts & sciences with a faculty advisor and student peer advisor.  You will be registered in one of the ten seminars that you select in the FYS App(Due 06/03/2024) 
    • After depositing, you will receive an email titled “Academic Interest Survey Required for New Student Checklist” with instructions on how to complete this survey.  It will help us determine the rest of your Fall Semester courses.  It also lets us know the World Language you’re interested in and provides you with placement guidance if you have experience in that language. (Due 06/03/2024)
    • Complete the Writing Foundations Pathway Survey, then use the survey information to guide your choice of first-year writing courses. You may choose to meet with writing faculty to confirm your Writing Foundations pathway. (Due 06/17/2024)
    • The Math Placement Questionnaire will determine whether you need to use the online Math placement tool (most students do, especially STEM students).  If the Math placement test is required, you’ll receive a follow-up email with access; completing it by 06/17/2024 will ensure you are registered for the appropriate Fall courses.
  • Housing and Off-Campus Intention Form
    All incoming students complete a Housing Intention Form to communicate their living requests with Residence Life and Housing. If you are 23 years of age or older, housing is offered if space is available. (Due 06/03/2024)
    1. Review housing information with Residence Life and Housing.
    2. Submit the intention form through the MyRedlands Housing Portal. Students who wish to live off-campus must petition through this form.
    3. All students living on campus are required to have a meal plan and will be initially assigned the All Access meal plan. Students may change their meal plan on their MyRedlands Housing Portal through the first Friday of classes

  • Immunization Attestation 

    Students must affirm having received immunizations via the Immunization Attestation Statement.  
    The Immunization Attestation Form is located in the student's Self Service Portal website under the option User Options and heading Student Checklist.  Questions? E-mail, call (909)748-8053, or visit the Health Resources Website. (Due 08/14/2024) 

  • Health Insurance Verification 
    Every student must enroll or waive the Student Health Insurance Plan. The University of Redlands requires all students to annually provide proof of health insurance coverage. Students who do not submit proof of insurance will see a premium charge on their bill. This fee covers the cost of health insurance through the University’s selected provider. (Due 08/01/2024)

    Students who are residents of California who do not have insurance are encouraged to see if they are eligible for Medi-Cal, a state supported insurance program which may be less expensive than the University’s policy. 

  • Student ID Card Photo
    Submit a Photo for your Student ID Card
    1. Choose a photo to use for your Redlands Student ID.
    2. Upload using this link and select “College of Arts and Sciences” for the school. (Due 08/01/2024)
  • Photography and Video Consent and Release Form
    During your time at Redlands, you may be contacted by our writers or
    photographers for a story, or you may be in areas of the campus we are capturing general images of academic and student life.
    With this form, if you are at least 18 years of age, we would like to ask you to consent to having your likeness recorded for these purposes. You may also opt out. If you have any questions, contact (Due 08/01/2024)

  • Financial Responsibility Form
    All students are required to submit the Financial Responsibility
    Form to the Student Financial Services to review and agree to
    important financial disclosures. Please email it directly to (Due 08/14/2024)

  • Student Account Balance
    Billing statements will be available on Self-Service Finance, the online student payment portal. Students will be notified via their Redlands email address. Various payment options are available. Accounts must be taken care of by Wednesday, August 14. (Due 08/14/2024)

  • Online Safety Training
    All students will be required to complete an online course that covers important safety information about topics that affect everyone, including alcohol use, healthy relationships, and sexual misconduct. Students will receive the course link and all necessary information via their Redlands email. The course takes approximately two hours to complete. (Due 08/14/2024)          
  • Emergency Contact Information                                                                                            Submit or update your emergency contact information via your Self-Service portal. The school can access this information in the event of an emergency. It’s important to review/update this information annually.  (Due 08/14/2024)
  • Final Official High School Transcript                                                                                      Final official High School transcripts must be submitted. To be official, HS transcripts must be issued and sent directly to the University of Redlands. Hand-delivered transcripts, even if sealed, cannot be accepted.  Contact for questions.  (Due 08/14/2024) 
  • Final Test Scores                                                                                                                      Final official SAT or ACT scores must be submitted before the start of the first semester but should be submitted ASAP. (Due 08/14/2024) 
  • New Student Orientation and Move-In                                                                                  Attend the mandatory New Student Orientation from August 29, 2024 - September 2, 2024

What's Next?

  • You will receive communications throughout the summer that include reminders of anything still needed from you. Also, by going to MyRedlands, you can check the "My Documents" link in WebAdvisor to track any outstanding items.
  • Please reach out to us if you have any questions! Here are some phone numbers that might come in handy.
    • 909-748-8359 - Academic Advising
    • 909-748-8069 - Academic Support Services
    • 909-748-8074 - Admissions Office
    • 909-748-8030 - Professional Development
    • 909-748-8019 - Registrar's Office
    • 909-748-8053 - Residence Life and Housing
    • 909-748-8047 - Student Financial Services
    • 909-748-8053 - Student Affairs Office/New Student Orientation

More for Parents

  • Consider a membership in Town and Gown, a nonprofit organization that supports the University of Redlands through scholarships for students, service grants for faculty, and the enhancement of the town and gown relationship
  • If you want to keep up with campus news, consider subscribing to the Bulldog Blog weekly digest.