Transfer Student FAQ

How will I find out which courses have transferred to Redlands?

A Transfer Credit Evaluation will be provided by the Registrar’s Office upon admission to Redlands. You will receive an evaluation that only evaluates courses that meet LAI’s (general education) not major courses.

The Major Department Chair will delegate credit for major courses after the student is enrolled in classes.

When will I register for classes?

Registration for transfer students will be on January 12, 2021.

When do I plan my schedule for the spring semester, who do I meet with?

You will meet with a faculty member in the department of your intended major. Advising is conducted by faculty not a general advising center on campus, giving you information about major and courses directly from the source.

Additional steps are forthcoming regarding advising dates, times, and advisor contact information.

I no longer want to study the major I put on my application. How do I change my major?

Only Johnston Center and School of Music applicants are admitted into their respective programs/majors.

Students who indicated major interest in their application for admission are not declaring their major at that time. You will need to go through an official process by submitting a form once you are enrolled. Your advisor can talk more about that process when you meet to register for classes.

How many units are needed to graduate?

128 total with a minimum of 32 units taken at the University of Redlands.

When and how do I pay my University bill?

Bills will be released for the spring semester the week of November 9 to your email address. You will have access to your student account balance through your MyRedlands. Your bill is due on December 16. Please contact Student Financial Services to learn more about payment options.

When is Transfer Orientation?

At this time, given the current situation there are no in-person events scheduled but please check your email for updates in January.