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Graduate School of Theology Housing FAQ

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1. Who is eligible for graduate student housing on the Marin campus?

  1. Full-time graduate students in a Redlands program within the student handbook's eligibility parameters are eligible. We also welcome GTU students to our campus as full-time graduate students at a GTU affiliated institution. Please see the GTU section of the FAQ for more details.

2. As a new GST student, how do I apply for housing?

New students will apply for housing after they receive their University of Redlands email address. Once they have their email address and access to their "My Redlands" page, housing applications are accessed through the Housing Portal on the My Redlands page.

Step by step directions follow:

- Access your MyRedlands Housing Portal by clicking on the Housing icon.

- Click on Marin Housing Application under Applications and Forms.

- Review the housing information, sign, and click Continue.

- Complete the questions and click Continue to submit your application.

 -You will receive a confirmation email once your application has been submitted.

- If you have questions about this form and process, please contact Chandra Ramirez at

3. As a continuing GST student, how do I apply to stay in my current unit? How do I apply to move to a different unit?

Every year continuing students must reapply for housing to stay in their current unit. Please select your existing unit as your first choice on your housing application. Assuming you are still within eligibility for your program and at the priority rate, there shouldn't be a problem remaining in your current unit.  You can also request to move to a different building by listing your preferred location as your first choice. For a request to be successful, you must be a current full-time student within priority eligibility, and the building you are asking to move to must have availability. Please see the priority housing categories in the student handbook for more information.

4. I am a GTU student. What are my housing options?

We welcome GTU students to our campus who are enrolled full time in a GTU affiliated program, as long as there is housing availability. GTU students sign a housing agreement with our real estate office and pay their rent monthly. They are billed at a standard housing rate and are not eligible for the priority rate. Eligibility is assessed on a year-by-year basis, per availability, for a maximum of 2 years.

Please complete this application to request Marin Campus housing as a GTU student.

5. I am bringing my family to campus with me; what are our options for housing?

Family housing is provided in our Student Village apartments, and there are 2 and 3 bedroom options available; however, the 3 bedrooms have limited availability, so please be sure to check with housing staff regarding availability

6. What are the housing rates?

All Marin campus housing rates, Priority and Standard, can be found here

7. What is the difference between Priority and Standard rate?

Following are the categories for Priority and Standard rates. Category 1 takes priority in housing assignments, followed by category 2, then 3, etc. To read about this in-depth, please visit the handbook:

Category I

  • Applicability: Full-time MDiv students, including students in the joint MDiv/MA program
  • Rental rate: Priority
  • Time limit: 3 years for MDiv, 4 years for joint MDiv/MA (an MDiv student undertaking a full-year, full-time internship as a part of their curriculum may apply for one additional year of eligibility, subject to availability)

Category II

  • Applicability: Full-time MATS and SFTS-affiliated GTU/MA students
  • Rental rate: Priority
  • Time limit: 2 years

Category III

  • Applicability: Full-time SFTS DMin students, full-time graduate students from University of Redlands College of Business or College of Education
  • Rental rate: Priority
  • Time limit: 2 years

Category IV

  • Applicability: Students from other GTU schools (MA, Ph.D., ThD) (including GTU Ph.D. students affiliated with SFTS)
  • Rental rate: Standard
  • Time limit: On a year-by-year basis, per availability, for a maximum of 2 years

** SFTS-affiliated Ph.D./ThD students and students affiliated with other GTU schools are not eligible for the Priority rental rates

8. When can I move in?

Move-in is approximately 2 weeks before the start of the term. Move-in dates are around August 15 for the fall semester and around January 15 for the spring semester. When you sign your housing application and agreement, you will be given options of move-in times during office hours. Occasionally, if we have availability, students can move in during other times if circumstances allow. Check with the housing office for exceptions.

9. Are there time limits for how long I can remain in housing?

Yes, limits are set on time in housing due to the needs of new graduate students coming on campus and a limited number of units. Students are expected to move out of housing at the end of the term when they finish their program. Typically, this is 3 years for the MDiv, 2 years for DMin and MATS. If students take longer to finish their degrees, they can appeal to the housing committee for more time. Occasionally, students will enroll in another program after completing their first program. Students should know that the maximum time at priority rate that students are eligible for is 5 years. This limit applies even if a student continues as a full-time student in a Redlands program.

Students who fall outside the 5-year limit may be offered assignments in campus housing, depending on availability and institutional need, on a semester-by-semester basis to accommodate ongoing student requests for housing.  If approved to continue in housing, these students are charged a higher (i.e., less subsidized) Standard rental rate.

10. May I remain in campus housing if my eligibility has expired?

Students who have exceeded the time limit for priority housing in their degree program may request to extend their housing assignment by submitting an appeal to the Housing Committee. Any requests to extend housing are subject to continued full-time student status, student accounts in good standing, availability for the unit type preferred, and any approved assignment would continue at the standard rental rate. It is advised to submit the appeal as soon as possible to allow time to process, and in the event, the request cannot be approved.

11. How long are the housing agreements for?

Generally, it is assumed that occupancy is for the entire term, and the student is billed by term  – fall, spring, and summer. If a student needs to move out before the end of a term, the housing rate may be prorated and refunded if no more than 60 percent of the term has passed. After 60 percent of the term has passed no refunds will be given for early move outs. Student residents are responsible for rent during summer and winter breaks and periods of extended absence. As stated in the housing agreement, 30-day written notice is strictly required to terminate the contract. Rent continues until either party properly terminates the housing agreement and the student moves out.

12. Can I bring my pet to live with me on campus?

The University of Redlands has a detailed animal policy found in the handbook on pages 6-10. If you have any questions about this policy, please reach out to the housing office.

13. Are utilities included in the rent?

Utilities are included in Landon and Oxtoby (power, water, garbage, and sewer) and Student Village (water, garbage, and sewer). Phone and internet service is the responsibility of the student.

14. Are units furnished?

The only furnished units are in the Oxtoby apartments. They are furnished with a single bed, dresser, desk, and table and chairs. Some units also have a small couch or futon.

15. Can I smoke on campus?

The Marin campus is a completely smoke-free campus. You cannot smoke in your unit, on your balcony, in open space, or anywhere on campus.

16. How am I billed?

Billing goes through Student Financial Services, and housing is billed at the beginning of each term for the whole term. Payment plans are available through the Office of Student Financial Services (

17. What is the local school district?

The local elementary and middle school district is Ross Valley School District - - with 4 elementary schools and 1 middle school.

The closest elementary school to our campus is Wade Thomas Elementary, approximately 2 blocks away. Spots are not always available for new students in each class at the closest school, and the District reserves the right to assign a different school within the District to incoming students. So please make sure to contact the District about placement.

The local high school is Archie Williams HIgh School, part of the Tamalpais Union School District   Please contact them for more information about high school enrollment.

18. What is the procedure I need to follow to move out of housing?

You must submit 30 days written notice to Chandra Ramirez at and then schedule a move-out inspection with Maintenance through your My Redlands page. You can submit a request for inspection by filling out a Facilities Work Request on your My Redlands page. Your unit must be at the same level of cleanliness as when you moved in. You will be sent detailed cleaning instructions upon receipt of your 30-day notice. No furniture or personal items are to be left behind except in furnished units (Oxtoby apartments only). Charges will apply if items are left behind and/or cleaning protocols are not followed. If you are moving out at the end of the term and are not applying for housing for the following year, please follow the following instructions:

-Find the MARIN HOUSING CHECK OUT FORM in the MyRedlands Housing Portal (Housing Icon)

-Click on Marin Housing Check out Form under Applications and Forms

-Complete the questions and submit them 

-The Housing team will follow up with you as you plan to transition from Marin Campus housing.