May 9, 2017

Our House showcases U of R scholars, authors, and artists

From a live reading of a poem about a historical event whose ripples can be felt today to a textbook about Android programming that fills a gap in the field, Our House recognizes the research and creative endeavors of University of Redlands faculty and staff.
“With Our House, the University of Redlands recognizes and celebrates the sense of belonging its academic community feels, and the collective energy, wisdom, innovation, and creativity of the U of R culture,” says Provost Kathy Ogren.
An annual event and printed piece each May started by the Office of the Provost in 2013, Our House spans work from UR’s College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Business, and the School of Education.
Ogren notes that while U of R’s research and creative endeavors are impressive on their own merits, these activities also enrich the teaching and curriculum at Redlands while fostering a dynamic, interactive learning community that encourages students to explore areas of interest, reach toward their full potential, and gain greater clarity about their dreams and aspirations
“Opportunities to conduct research alongside seasoned faculty give students the best possible environment in which to learn the depth of commitment and creativity involved in the generation of new knowledge and creative forms of expression,” she says.